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Ditto Martyn, David was a lovely man and congratulations on writing this piece. I'm sure the other parties wouldn't do the same if one of ours passed. R.I.P David

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And this filthy, corrupt, evil government of ours are quite happy to let our former soldiers sleep on the streets once they have returned from their illegal wars. I hate the lab/con/libdem vermin with all my heart and when the time comes I would happily sell tickets to the public so they could watch their executions. All money raised (and there would be plenty) would go to giving our ex-soldiers a proper pension.

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The BNP, leading the way yet again, when it comes to honour and decency. More hard work to come, but our people are worth it!

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What a way to talk about people you don't know, just because they happen to disagree with you. Are you by chance a supporter of the Labour party?
By the way, the people around here aren't ,'in-breeds', (isn't it marvelous that liberals think it fine to call people names but if anybody else does it they are bigots), it is only certain 'communities' that in-breed because they really ARE racist and will not tolerate marrying outside of their race/faith.
I hope that you find tolerance someday Emma.

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When Nick and Andrew were elected as MEP's, I heard numerous claims in the media that, 'Britain should hang it's head in shame'. It's funny, I haven't heard the same being said regarding this. Is this something to be proud of then you liberal filth. As far as I am concerned, this poor young lady was raped by our government and the media aswell. I wish her all the best in trying to live the rest of her life as best she can.

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Both her and her party are rotten to the core.

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Yet, according to the 'good' people of Stockingford and Arbury, you weren't good enough to represent them at the County Council. These people ask for everything they get.

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The thing that disgusts me the most is that the public will still go out and vote for this filth. They will not win the next general election but they will still get far more votes than they deserve. The Tories will win, and again, WHY? - because the public are still refusing to wake up to what's is happening to their own country. I despair

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Well done Martyn on being the ONLY councillor in Nuneaton & Bedworth who wants to learn and develop so he can best serve his constituents.

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Love the new banner!