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Covering up a political opponents legal advert is rather like something akin to Nazi Germany or Mugabe's Zimbabwe. I am shocked that this could happen in Britain, in the middle of an election campaign! Members and supporters of Dave Cameron's Conservatives should be deeply ashamed that their party has resorted to such underhand, and anti-democratic tactics.

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The Tory solution to mass immigration - don't stop it, slow its pace slightly so that the indigenous British people become an ethnic minority in their homeland in 80 years, not the 60 as currently predicted by demographers. LibLabCon want us to travel to the same destination, a third world melting pot of hatred, suspicion and violent instability. They only disagree about how quickly we should arrive.

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Disgusting! That a supposedly BRITISH trade union (UNITE) protecting the working conditions of British people actually provides services to migrant workers TO AID THEM IN COMPETING WITH THE BRITISH! Services that are paid for by British Union subs which are DENIED to British Unite members. Derek Simpson and the UNITE union are anti-British RACISTS - these extremists have nothing to offer but hatred and division.

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Derek Simpson and his ilk (especially Bob the Crow) believe the year is 1979, Marxism has not been utterly discredited and all union members love the labour party. This arrogant and completely outdated world view has led to the near collapse of public support 'under their watch' for trade unions. But 'working class warrior' Derek has at least switched his allegiance from the USSR to the EU!

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Arch Tory Ken Clark has just said that 'British jobs for British workers' is 'populist nonsense' in the commons. This internationalist slug and his anti-British party must feel the anger of the British people at the next election.

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British Gas (Centrica) is obsessed with profit. I used to work in one of their call centres where we were instructed to SELL to every inbound caller regardless of need. Pensioners would ring up, distressed about how to pay their gas bill and I was supposed to sell them boiler insurance, credit card, telephone etc. The management knew customer service was incredibly poor, but priority was sales. Most pensioners still believe British Gas is the old Gas Board, not a privatised company. Only the BNP will take such monsters back into public ownership.

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Searchlight states that it has been at the forefront of campaigning against the BNP in recent years. It believes that it's locally customised newspapers, ward-specific leaflets, telephone canvassing and direct mail operation has made a real difference in defeating the BNP across the country.

The problem that I have with this is that 'in recent years' the BNP has gone from no councillors to over 100 at various levels. And also a member of the London Assembly! That's some defeat!

I think that Searchlight have made a difference, but not in the way that they would like us to believe.

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Watched Nigel Farage on the BBC yesterday. He came across as an eccentric, rather creepy salesman type character - someone you could not trust to utter a word of truth. His obvious delight at behaving akin to a naughty (public) schoolboy was nauseating, and his claim to be penniless unforgivable. UKIP, like the 'English' Democrats exists to prop up the LibLabCon parties and to fool ordinary, decent people into giving it their time, vote and money. Just exactly WHAT has UKIP achieved apart from enriching its top people and ensuring LibLabCon remain in power?

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The 'English Democrats' on their website are crowing that they 'kept the BNP out'. Their deep political insight extends to criticising the Lib Dem candidate for being ugly - and Scottish. And they claim not to be racist. They are just yet ANOTHER establishment 'safety valve' that keeps LibLabCon in power. 'English Democrat' voters and members you should be deeply ashamed of yourselves.

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Being advertised as 'Black and minority ethnic communities jobs fair' is not inclusive, not welcoming to non BME's and would be illegal if it were 'aimed specifically' at non ethnic minorities. Just the very idea of a jobs fair which specifies ethnic origin is disturbingly racist - the evil men and women who dreamt up this one belong in a prison cell.