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Hello Jimmy. Not content with trying to closedown the BNP who paid you hansomely. You use intemperate words. So can I You sir are a insincere money grabbing sponge. A worm of a person the sort I'd be happy to confront. on any issue.

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At her 3rd of jan hearing at Croydon Magistrates. We need to see a mass turn out of those supporting her in this life struggle we are all a part of. So enraged citizens this is the time to walk the walk. To stop pussy footing around, whilst out elected leaders conspire to kill usall in a cesspit of their making.
Whilst honest men do nothing ,evil will prevail.

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I'm supprised the Muslim army of MEP's haven't asked for the wooden pig to be removed.

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I believe the clubbing of seals ( the reason being bullet holes reduce the value of the pelt ) is on the most part, a modern femine outlook . Sure women living in downtown Miami do not require seal skin wraps .
But it is all part and parcel of the need today to distance oneself from killing animals for whatever reason .
In fact if people today had to kill animals for food ,many might turn to vegitarianism. An argument exists for not doing this as synthetic materials do replace the need .
But the Inuit still need these skills. And even if it seems cruel .its still far superior to halal slaughter. I presume the seal might not die from the first blow. but would be unconcious unlike the poor animals living in Islam. Whom the EU do trade with.
Just as we trade with Japan whom slaughter whales and dolphins, scientific research ha ha .
So its all or nothing really. Plus I believe the cull makes for less seals to overwhelm the fish stocks of the region.
Yes you are correct it is a nasty sight. But so are our slaughter houses.

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We will all rember where we were,on that day Osama bin Laden died............... Nah
He should have known by the name of the town. Abbot a bad place to hide.
I'm hazarding a guess here, but if these schools stood side by side .Could we tell which was which.?

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Have not we heard this one before. British jobs for British workers , Old Gordie Brown that one was . But as with this latest tat from IDS
.Plainly against European Law was it not .we cannot discriminate against Europeans. And dare not discriminate against non Europeans. So back to the drawing board Smithy. Or the drawing room in need of a fine port ,don't you know

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So the exploitation of under age girls and the raping thereof, plus of course prostitution , Is in the words af a Tory donkey. Culturely unacceptable. But what more can we expect from this spokesthing from a party that implores us all to take on those values of Pakistani culture.
But as we now live in a Multiculture it seems their culture trumps ours. Pardon me whilst I attended the grooming my two Westies. What a vile creature I must seem

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Just a niggle Knight .We are the Infidel. They will rule the world . Ruling over a bonfire of their vanity more like.

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I was put off curry when underpants wefe found in one . prefering to cook my own.
I'm sure that the thinking man will think a lot about his shopping habits regarding ethnic convienience stores.
But what I find disturbing is the use of ideologically and politically groups to describe a threat that is religously based and Islamic by nature.

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The question one must ask. ( because we knew all along, it was a heinous lie ). Is how many more lies will the voters take until they realise these people hate them them to death.
Will they die voting for a death by a thousand cuts regardless. we must constantly find new ways of getting this point across,else we get dragged down as well