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If the lib dems wanted a gauranteed election win, just put as their no. 1 policy. Ban Islam.

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Yes I'm lost to this, they are essentially saying anyone who criticises their religion is legally allowed to be murdered ramdonly by one of their followers. For starters that scum bag who stated that should be arrested and conviected (preferably deported afterwards) for trying to incite murder. But no doubt the police and the government will reward that criminal filth instead. Secondly if Wilders is a raving extremist surely laughing at him would have been the answer. But in reality they arn't bothered about his slanderous comments. They are using it as an excuse so they can to justify their sick sadistic urges to bully, enslave or murder anyone who dares criticise their sodding faith, and such behaviour is justified as they are acting as agents of Allah and thus won't be committing any sins if they kill for this cause.

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Yes they did demonstrate his point very well. Those bastards blatently screaming threats of slavery and death to anyone who apposes Islam are the true voice of Islam. How anyone can call this a religion of peace must be a fool. It's like saying Hitler was a saint who would jump in front of a bullet intended to kill someone Jewish. All I can conclude is that all those in power are our enemies and we have no choice but appose them fully. I can foresee quite easily civil wars emerging across Europe as the only means to ensuring the stop of Islam as alot of our spineless governments will do nothing thanks to this post ww2 guilt of the holocaust among other things. The problem is that these Mulsim followers are the modern day Nazis and not the innocent Jewish victims of modern times, sadly the actual victims are the host peopels of each country being attacked by the 'meak and mild' Muslim crusade.

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The thing this demonstrates clearly is that ANY ONE and I mean ANY ONE who DARES question ISLAM, its TEACHINGS or ITS FOLLOWERS are instantly targets for destruction. It shows that ISlam in general is a religion of hate and intolerance. They claim to love but how do they. Anyone who criticises them instantly invokes sever hatred and violent behavior.
What ANGERS me is the fact that our stupid dooger friends take any excuse the Muslims use to be the TRUTH and IGNORE what they really mean shown by their behaviour. If this was a court of law, it would be apparent from these Islamic followers that their behaviour speaks more truth than the words that come out of their mouths.
Therefore the conclusion all need to draw from this is simply Islamic followers cannot be trusted, and everything uttered from their mouths should be treated as lies. We should not tolerate this religion. We should say no to it at every front.

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Just read My Fair Lady. The two gentlemen in it are essentially labour and the conservatives; two dogooders trying to prove mankind is only shaped by nurture not nature. I wonder what the next excuse will be hey? Perhaps give them a few hundred grand and teach them how to live like a westerner by buying a house and setting up a business to wipe out the locals?

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So the BNP must be the party to end the 'flood' of peoples, and stop the soul destroying PC doctrine that intends to bring our country to ruin for the purpose of the world state and the shareholder. If we must do this with the help of our associate members then so be it. But there was a principle involved. We wanted to fight for our rights as a people lost due to the doctrine of PCness. It should have been our decision to change the constitution at a further date if we felt we had achieved our goals and perhaps then could the issue of our associates could have been reviewed. However due to the dystopia we live in we are forced to take this action without real choice. Therefore all I can say is that we embrace our allies and we now fight to the death. We destroy the old gang for good and make them rue the day they crossed the BNP.

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The BNP will always remain the ANTI-PC party and will aim to give the rights back to the traditional natives of these lands who have earned it through generations upon generations of blood and toil in Europe.
I don't hate foriegners, It is easy to fall into the socialist trap that if you don't say yes to what ever they demand, and actually say no, then you are evil in the socialist eyes. They fail to see/or don't care that mass influx causes instabilities. The harsh truth is we arn't even getting the immigrants that would actually truly benefit this country, most of them here are the lower class, low/no skilled types putting our own people out of jobs. You can't blame them when they know they will be given easy money, pampered by idiots who would in a blink of an eye betray their own peoples- treated like kings essentially.

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Their attitude is that you don't deserve to live because you will not conform. Anyone one who doesn't do what Simon says revokes their right to exist in society. Maybe its about time Simon was kicked out of town and banished. But if we go too far and not learn the lessons of the fools before us we could end up becoming the new Simons.

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You know this really becomes boring. To be honest I don't care for their opinions anymore, they have no tolerance to anyone who differs from their opinion and will not listen to reason. The liberal-socialist elite are a mix of idiots (sheep), manipulators (wanting ultimate power) and other types such as those who are blood thirsty thugs who look for any excuse to label anyone who blocks their goals as outcasts by deeming them to not to be human. Hitler did this with the Jews, stating they were a pathagen and these socialist-globalists are no different as to what they are doing to the natives of the UK Isles.

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Just a smoke screen really, they will use some garbage like ECHR to bypass it no doubt quoting art 8 saying 'poor illegal immigrants' deserve a better life etc... You know, the usual weak minded garbage that we hear all the time.

Anyway theres a much cheaper solution to this. This is how it should be dealt with. "Your from Zimbrabwe then (probably a lie). What was the nearest safe country you could have gone to, NOT BY BOAT but by land as a boat ride to here doesn't constitute the nearest safe country. So essentially if you had gone by land then that would mean you have gone through how many countries?!? Right, time for deportation!" Pure and simple, it would be cheaper to round them up, put them in detention and when there's enough of them ship them to the nearest safe country that they should have gone to/or to a country socialist enough (STUPID ENOUGH) to take them.