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If the new term is Roma, why is there a Gypsy Council?

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This must watch video confirms that the Sandy Hook massacre was a staged media hoax -

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Strange -

'... A photo that has appeared in the mass media purporting to be of Jacintha Saldanha is actually taken from the Facebook page of another woman who lives in India, her namesake - who's now in the Deccan Chronicle complaining about it.

This is all the more strange because - as you can see from the two photos in the Daily Mail article - this very photo which this still-alive woman in the Deccan Chronicle says is a picture of herself was recently held in the arms of the husband of the deceased.

What's going on? Did the Daily Mail do a photoshop job? ...'

Stranger still -

'... Funny how Leveson happened to be addressing a Sydney conference on privacy and the internet just 3 days after the Australian DJ prank call.
He actually flew business class with his wife on Dec 4th. Date of the prank call. ...'

There's something fishier than Billingsgate about this whole story.

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There is a theory that the baby was being 'edited'.

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I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who found this woman's death extremely bizarre and inexplicable. Why would anyone, especially a mother of young children, kill themselves over taking a phone call?
After her death was announced, the hospital came out with some absurd guff that since the call they had been "helping Jacintha through this difficult time". "This difficult time"! That makes it sound like she'd just been diagnosed with some terminal illness, or had suffered a multiple family bereavement, instead of simply answering a fricking phone call, and passing on the call to someone else!

She sounded like she was expecting the call. The two djs said they'd been given the number to ring, but didn't say by whom - it looks like they too may have been set up to take the hit for this. Apparently they weren't very well known in Oz so typical expendable false flag patsies. Also, they seemed quite incredulous that they were being put through to the nurse dealing with Katie. As one of them said: "This is the easiest prank call we've ever made!" This whole affair has psy-op written all over it.

Will Leveson use Jacintha Saldanha's death as a pretext for ending press freedom in Britain?
Now there's a motive for arranging an unlikely 'suicide'.

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There used to be complaints that TV shows only ever included the 'token black man'.
How times have changed - now it's spot the white man... who has now been reduced to the status of the 'token white man'.
The BBC's flagship soap - 'Pakistanders' is proof of this.

Furthermore - and not many people are aware of this - any newcomer to a TV soap has brown eyes - even if they appear to be a white person. This subtle exclusion of the indigenous population is a deliberate attempt to subtly enforce the race-replacement policies of the Establishment.
Good grief - we now even have a black Guinevere and black Knights of the Round Table in the BBC's 'Merlin' series.
But then, wasn't the BBC accused of being 'hideously white' by its Common Purpose trained incumbent DG at the time.

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Phil, it was the Daily Mail which recently exposed the Common Purpose link to the Leveson inquiry.
They will seek control of the press.
The Media Standards Trust, advising Leveson, was set up by Sir Ian Bell and Julia Middleton - both major players in Common Purpose. It's a stitch up, with the outcome being decided long the before the inquiry started.
It's the Hegelian Dialectic in action ... problem - reaction - solution.
They had to create the problem first, manipulate the response and then come up with the 'solution' . Which is where they wanted to be but needed to have the 'problem' first in order to get there.

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You would think that Rotherham Social Services would concern themselves more with the paedostani child-grooming going on under their noses.
If you scratch the surface of this story, I would bet my house that the treasonous Common Purpose organisation is at the root of it, being embedded in the Council and its many Departments.
Of course, the MSM reports of this story won't mention the CP elephant in the room.

From the website -

'... Local Government Yorkshire and Humber is the partnership of local authorities, which enables them to work together and collaborate on issues of common purpose ''

A list of some of Rotherham's Common Purpose 'graduates' can be seen here and on the following page -

UKIP needs to get a Judicial Review on this decision - citing Common Purpose as the instigator. That would certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons at Rotherham Council.

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A case for Treason -

'... We would like to share with you the unbelievable amount of evidence that is available that proves beyond all doubt that Treason was committed by the Heath Government in the beginning of the 1970’s and as a direct result of the treason committed we are now locked into an illegal treaty with the EU (then the EEC). and consequently - due to continued treasonous activities of present-day politicians in Parliament - this government is upholding all six illegal & treasonous EU treaties, which is wholly against the freedoms and rights granted to the people of the UK by the 'British Constitution'....

This is a genuine case and the implications for this case couldn’t be more important for the people of the United Kingdom as they are right now.

We have been networking with people all over Europe and it seems that treason has been committed not just here but pretty much every member state has been sabotaged from within. This is not a crusade against the people of Europe; this is a crusade against an evil empire growing within known as the EU that is attacking each member state from within their own Governments and agencies.

The signing of the Lisbon Treaty this has pretty much sealed our fate and this single document has handed this highly corrupt European Union the power to dissolve Parliament and effectively take us over. We also have evidence that implicates mainstream media networks such as the BBC and ITV that they are also involved but don’t take our word for it begin researching this immediately by looking at the evidence and video’s we present, use Google to see the scale of the problem, we are in the final years of this take over.

This case is understood by a large group of MP's and MEP's and this battle is well underway. It's highly important that every British person know what is going on and even more importantly tell others....'

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Read the real reason why St Tony of Bliar didn't get the EU Presidency -