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Yeah, Boehner looks kind of dried out and leathery. Can't imagine you could extract that much juice from him, even if you wanted to.

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"Muff" + "yoga pants"
I was going to dive in here with a joke or something, but I think I'll abstain.

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Somehow I knew the porn dad had to be Andy Offutt - excuse me, andy offutt - before even clicking on the article.

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Slight correction - it's not "hovering" which is using, it's "hoovering." As in the sentence, "Stop hoovering up all the cocaine, Malcolm, I need a hit, too."

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Plague (Yersinia pestis) was actually one of the earliest diseases a vaccine was developed for, all the way back in the late 19th century. However, the vaccine (based on killed bacteria) was only moderately effective. Apparently, there is a live vaccine now which appears much more effective.

I think the main targets for plague vaccines are third-world countries, since in the developed world, plague is relatively rare, and can be treated by antibiotics. Of course, the way things are going, that could well change in the coming years.

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BTW, while we often associate anti-vaxxers with oddball liberalism, it seems that they are actually somewhat more likely to be conservative Republicans:
But it really is a belief system that transcends partisan politics. Which shows that sometimes, transcending partisan politics is not such a great idea.

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Oh, good grief. Chris Christie is now siding with the anti-vaxxers. Or at least is calling for "balance":

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Learn the Truth about MLP. It is not "friendship" which is magic, it is da'wah:

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So which black men are the police in New Haven, Connecticut, pulling guns on today for walking around near the library of Yale University?
See, now here's one where "All of them, Katie" really fits.

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I suspect death by starvation will occur the most often here in America, in Europe and around the world.
I'm pretty sure he's right - death by starvation will occur the most often in one of those places, at least.