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The halfway intelligent ones discovered they could manipulate those less intelligent into a zombie FOX News army.

You only need to have dementia

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I'm stealing that, thank you.

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Ignorance can be fixed.

But born stupid, stay stupid, I guess.

The Stupid Bloc seems to have had a good following in US politics from the moment the ink on the Constitution was dry.

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One of my fave Robert Sapolsky insights is how obsessive compulsive, schizophrenic, and other mental disorders seem to find their home-sweet-home in religion.

The spectacle of Swanson's mental spaghetti making so much sense in his own mind that he had to write it all down in a book is ... hmmmm ... a cautionary tale, I guess.

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And then exploded into shreds of shrapnel.

How does that ancient joke go - something about if brains were like trains, he missed his?

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Who was it who said that government is basically a consensus on who gets to be violent and when?

I know Krugman refers to government as basically insurance and an army...

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That thing about making new people - "new people" being fetuses, I guess, because once a new person gets born, these smug loons lose all interest.

They so conveniently forget that, in order to pass on one's genes, one's offspring must be raised to sexual maturity. Abundant evidence says same-sex couples cannot possibly be worse parents than hetero pairs. I cannot recollect ever hearing of some lesbian couple maiming, starving, beating, abusing, imprisoning, or killing their kids. Let alone keeping them racist and ignorant via Christian home schooling.

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The Banality of Evil in action, up close and personal, eh?

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Plus, he's in the pocket of those noble folks who want to bring us

the Keystone XL pipeline, the proposed continent-spanning death funnel that would bring the world's dirtiest fossil fuel from the environmental hellscape of northern Alberta down through the richest farmlands on the planet all the way to refineries in Texas, and thence to the world.
--Charles Pierce, of course

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If ATVs were as silent as golf-carts, these apes would no longer be interested in riding them. Making a noise and gasoline stink is their way of hooting, waving branches, and flinging poop.

The landscape destruction is merely a bonus.