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football, need to be quick, so I'll just drop this.

oh sit already posted, well, I post it anyway

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I will try to sum up my thoughts and focus on the quality, not the feelings. And that's hard. Ok, there will be feelings.

1. Perfect use of the exact same scene that ends I was made to love you.
2. And the christmas party. And they are all a family.
3. And the cake. (nod to the dropped plate in Buffys dream in Innocence, and the dropped plate when Joyce realise that Dawn is the key. Do you really think you're ready for that Buffy?
4. And the fucking cut. God damn.
5. How Buffy is so strangely calm and hysterical at the same time.
6. The bright living back yard. The red tinted dead interior. The puke scene. Oh, gosh.
7. Buffy saying "We're not supposed to move the body." Joyce is really dead. She is a body.
8. The freaking class room scene. Everything. Dawns painting. The toilet scene. The denial. EVERYTHING.
9. At the scoobies uniting yet shattered. Joss commented on that very insightful.
My experience with death is that apart from a lot of people hugging at funerals, it seldom brings people together. It actually tears them apart. And I had always learned from TV that death made everybody stronger and better and learn about themselves. And my experience was that an important piece had been taken out of the puzzle ... and there is no glorious payoff.
10. So, the bitterness in Xander's "You're right. Avengers got to get with the assembling." Such a Buffy line, but here bitter and heartbreaking and so damn real.
11. Oh got, I'm getting a sore throat from suppressed crying. Arghh.
12. And the kiss. Oh yes, how I waited so.
13. Nikki Stafford have pointed how each character represents the different stages of grief. I agree. Denial must be close to Dawn, giving her strange position. She now has only one link to the real world, Buffy.
14. And Anya. Everything.
15. And Tara as a guide, a fixed point. Compare with Restless.
16. A lot of people I've talked with dislike the Vampire. I really get that, but, I think it's prefect For what is this Vampire in Buffy really, now, when they're facing a GOD? The vampire is normality for Buffy. That life goes on, and it never ends. Plus it leads to THE SCENE FOR ME.
17. THE END. The realisation that everything has ended for Dawn. And Buffy echoing herself from the start of the episode.
DAWN: Is she cold?
BUFFY: It's not her. It's not her. She's gone.

And the very end, Dawns flickering hand over Joyce's face. But she does not touch, because here we end the life of Joyce with a sudden cut to black.

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So it's this episode. I will try to focus.

First Xander.

Xander, you are really sweet. Have a hgu! <3

Hgu? Fuck spelling. They know nothing. It's a necessity to spell wrong, not depressing.

Hi random nervous guy. You seem to be a disturbing person. Hey cool girl. I also like monotrails.

Think of the possibilities!

And the creepiness...

and then. nothing more I can say.

edit: and. all feelings gone. only void and I just want to puke that void out. oh shit.

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Yes, I do believe it’s a way to address the stoic and emotionless superheroes we’ve been exposed to before, but it’s also a downright brilliant way to build characterization in a fictional world. I know that Buffy has superb powers, but I never feel like she’s not like me.

For me Buffy has always been a compassionate wonderful person dressed in the saddening armour of a hero, and it's so damn heartbreaking because she didn't have a choice, did she?

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This is the episode when Buffy is the coolest. Hey sword throwing.

And it's the gay episode.

What do Spike have to say about that?


And Xander, you're quite a sweety now :)

caps by fuckyeahbuffyscreencaps

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I love the Star Wars-styled killing of the Snake <3

The rest: Sad it is :(

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and I wished Btvs could show that by putting tara in the fucking credits!

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but she handles em just fine!

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you are wrong.

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Credits to fuckyeahbuffyscreencaps and detkatebeckett both at tumblr.

Regarding this episode I'm a bit shattered. I like that it exist but I seldom want to watch it (zbfgyl orpnhfr vg oernxf jvgu gur hygen qenzngvp frnfba 5 gurzr juvpu V ybir naq ybir ntnva.) When I did my massive rewatch for MW the last week, at ep19 now) I skipped it, so, not much to say. I guess I have to be inspired by your reviews!