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I just started playing this game for the first time, so I'm really excited about these reviews. I have no idea where the game is taking me, and feeling unprepared is not something I get to experience too often on Mark's sites.

For the curious, my progress so far: V whfg yrsg Erqyvssr gb tb gb gur Pvepyr Gbjre naq trg uryc sebz gur Zntrf gb fnir Pbaabe.

I'm also playing as a rogue city elf. Here's my character:

I REALly liked the origin story I got with this character. I've never played a game where I got to spend the first hour of gameplay killing misogynistic bigots before, so that was nice. Really, I just love the story for the elves as a whole, so I'm very happy with the character I chose so far.

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I can only think of a few games where the conclussion was so awesome that I actually had to go take a walk afterwards to absorb it all and take in how truly amazing it was. Portan 2 is one of those games. This chapter starts with the usual banter we love so much in this series, and even a great joke about paradoxes, but then it just becomes this "Holy shit, I COULD NOT HAVE FORDSEEN THIS" moment. We send Wheatley into space by firing a portal onto the fucking moon, and Glados saves Chell (I also liked her defending Chell against some of Wheatley's insults earlier in the chapter)!

Also can we talk about how much I love the cores? There's a few youtube videos that allow you to hear all the things they say, and they're just so cute and I want to take them home with me. Especially Space Core.

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There's a unique kind of sad that comes with the death of character you originally disliked, only to become more and more entertained and enamored with over time. :(
The bigger issue here is of course WHAT THE FUCK, CREEPY CORDY.

I hate seeing her in this episode because her behavior creeps me out so much. Also, I recall very well the horrified confusion I felt when I saw this, and it's just creepier on the second viewing, in my opinion.

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Aww, I was pretty excited to see you start Mass Effect. Sorry you had so much trouble. At least EA was so nice about it, though.
This will make for an even more interesting expereince for me, actually. I just started playing DA:O and I'm not all that far into the story, so almost just as unprepared as you!

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Abg gb zragvba gur Gheerg Pubve faq gur erghea bs Pbzcnavba Phor. V'yy or n ovg fnq vs jr qba'g trg gb frr uvf shyy ernpgvba gb gur raq.

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This was the moment in the game where I had to stop liking Wheatley as my Best Robot Buddy, sadly. Before, his stupidity was actually quite adorable, but dude, you just shoved me down a tube. Not cool, bro. Did all our adventuring with portals and cubes mean nothing to you? :(
I did find Glados being turned into a potato to be hilarious, however.
Bu zl tbq, V whfg ernyvmrq gung Znex vf nyzbfg ng gur Pnir Wbuafba ovgf. URYY LRF!

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What made me the most angry at this episode when I originally watched it was how stupid I felt for actually falling for it. Come on, the team is back together and everyone is cool with each other, Angel and Cordelia are finally admitting their feelings for one another, and Connor is over his daddy issues for the most part. I should have realized there was no way on this earth that Joss would allow that much perfection and happiness to exist in this universe. It goes against his entire code that "everything is better when there's suffering." Damn you, Whedon!

I'm just such a hopeless sap who wants her favorite characters to be happy that I didn't even think to question any of this at the time. It IS a really brilliant episode as a whole though, as much as I hate it for hurting me in this way. It becomes so much more interesting when you look at everything that happens here with the knowledge you're actually watching Angel's idea of perfection. I enjoy getting to literally go into the heads of fictional characters like this, so it is appreciated.

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Bu, V sbetbg nobhg Pbaenq (zbfgyl orvat pbaprearq nobhg gur punaprf bs fheiviny sbe Wnpx naq Gnyv)! Lrf, guvf vf fbzrguvat gung Znex zhfg rkcrevrapr.
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Wasn't there an issue with paragon/renegade points not transferring if you use genesis though?

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"I have heard that the games are inextricably linked in the sense that what you do in one affects the story in the next? Or something? I am aware that I know VERY, VERY, VERY LITTLE about this series, but I could swear I heard this. So, since Mass Effect 1 is not available on PS3, I’d have to play it on Steam. CAN I PLAY THE FIRST GAME ON STEAM, THEN PLAY THE OTHERS ON THE PS3? Would it be best to play all three on the same platform in a row? What’s the best experience for me in terms of continuity?"
I don't think that's possible. I know you can play Mass Effect 1 on Steam and then play the other two on another client like Origin, but the platform has to be the same. You would have to play all three games on your PC in order to transfer your save file from ME1 to ME2 (which, by the way, you'll want to read a tutorial for this, as I recall the transfer of save data from the first to the second game to be a little more complicated than it is for the third game). So the answer is yeah, you would have to use the same platform for all three if you want to get the best experience out of this series in terms of story continuity.

(hi guys I'm actually posting again. nice to be back!)