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Farscape 4x13. 9 clicks should remain. You know the drill. Enjoy. :)

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Farscape 4x12. 9 clicks should remain. Enjoy!

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I actually have a lot of empathy here with John. As much as I love Aeryn and I get where she is coming from, I feel like we have seen a power imbalence in their relationship that is finally slapping John on the face... After their time apart he has had time to examine the bad of how Aeryn makes him feel as well as the good. She loved him, he loves her, she is a main driver for him in everything he does... But is she ready and willing to be as open with him as he was ready with her? Can she give him full trust and vulnerability, no longer be emotionally withholding? Maybe she is now, but I can see how he could not be sure... considering her lack of upfront disclosures and displays of emotional trust since her return.

This does not mean she is a bad person or John thinks she is.

I have been in a couple relationships where I saw that imbalance was hurting me and had to speak up and pull back to protect my mental well being, so that is likely coloring my interpretation.

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Yes, I really enjoy how much sense it actually makes while it seems so wrongheaded from the audience and other crew perspective. Here is a stranger who saved her life, lots of people have vivid passionate reactions to him, he's part Scarren... He seems competent, rationale, polite, measured, strategic. Why wouldn't she be intrigued and want to know the mystery man better?

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RIP Harvey. He really did have a different relationship with MoyaJohn and it is painful to see him go. I undersyand that John deserves his own privacy and dignity, but also I feel like Harvey believes he is real, has emotions, has desires... It feels like murder at this point and leaves no sense of pure victory for me.

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I must admit that though I loved the season opener, this one loses me. Usually I am all for the Farscape dreammy chaos but where this one fails for me is that it wants to have all of the wacky mess but still I have to keep track of many variables and make sense of a convoluted plot. That just doesn't work. They should have stripped out Valla and the fish dude, or maybe stripped out the planet backstory.

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This is not a classic per se but there's the first gay slasher film "Hellbent". I remember seeing this in the theatre about a decade ago when it was out limited release. It's low budget and not great but I love horror and I enjoyed seeing the genre stretched out of it's typical hetrocentric model.

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I absolutely love this episode, whole heartedly.

I love that after teasing a seperation after every season finale so far, the writers actually do it. I love Sikozo. New alien species! I love the 1812 DRD and that we have met a new pilot.

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"Why so difficuuuuult!" is one of my catch phrases for years, thanks to this episode. No one seems to recognize it at work, which makes me sad.

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I really enjoy the Jool scenes in this episode, but another thing that stands out strongly to me that I don't think gets mentioned as much is how different Moya!John's relationship is with Harvey. They're not friends, no, but they are closer now in the absence of other external support. Harvey wants John to take revenge because that is what drives Scorpius. He sees it as a source of strength and emotional fulfillment. And John seems to understand that Harvey was trying to help and even thanks him.