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Then I felt bad that I had made a reply to a weeks old comment without knowing whether someone had already come to you about this ... But I also worried that another non-binary person might back-read these posts and come across this and be hurt like I was,

Don't feel bad. Your reasons are clear enough. I talked about this to a friend who wasn't online a while ago, and found out that what I said was really wrong. I also have to take responsibility for what I put on public domain and how it affects others. And at the time, I didn't know that a friend of mine preferred the "they" pronoun, and I felt really bad talking about this to them and other people reading that stupid comment of mine might also feel hurt, especially if it remains unchallenged. Then if it is unchallenged, it looks as if everyone agrees with the statement.

Yeah, it is painful to be reminded of something I did that hurt others at this time, but admitting I am wrong is nothing compared to another person denying who you are. I've had that done to me about my ethnic and sexuality, and I cannot believe that I made someone else feel that way. >.<

I have argued with others that you can just accept that you say something ignorant and hurtful without being defensive about it. Either way, even if it was by accident, you stepped on someone's foot. And well, I was caught stepping on other people's feet, and I should accept that I did that, apologize, and change it.

I feel more relieved now, and hope that any non-binary person who sees your post will feel better, and anyone else who sees my post will see that you can be ignorant, no matter what your intentions, but feeling "bad" about it is nothing compared to what you make another group of people feel by denying who they are.

So please don't feel bad. That post needed to be challenged, and I needed to be challenged weeks ago.

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I actually was reprimanded about this weeks ago, and had it put into perspective. Also realized that I was doing the exact thing I hated and saying what pronoun a person should feel comfortable with and individual rights should be respected.

I am sorry, I really am not in the right mind at a time in my life. I had two deaths this year in the family and waiting for a third. I am not using that as excuse because that had nothing to do with what I said on this community. It's just that at the moment, I am kind of worn thin.

I don't want to ignore this post because I understand what you mean. However, I just don't want to think about that on top of everything else at the moment. When I saw this reply, it was just like seeing that one reminder of that stupid ignorant thing you did in high school that you wish you could forget (or travel back in time and slap yourself).

I'm sorry if I made you feel bad with my ignorant statement. If it means anything, I take your side completely against my comment.

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That pic of Roy is perfect! Might be able to find that picture in the dictionary under, "Oh shit."

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Maybe I should ask the artist if I can draw the lopsided, non-alchemically oriented example.

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Watching May draw an alchemy circle with her toe and performing near instant alchemy makes me think of this:

This is relevant.

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I wonder if it is possible for a main character to not have parent issues....?

[[Brotherhood Spoilers and Ramblings]]

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I really hope there isn’t some secretive, awful reason why Ling is around because he’s so entertaining.


Characters with their eyes always closed usually are keeping secrets and playing the loveable fool, or they really are loveable fools. I now am always suspicious of anime characters with their eyes closed, as they tend to have something they are hiding from the other characters (or are actually oblivious to everything and the joke isn't that they are hiding the truth from others but that the truth is always hidden from their eyes.)

Ling Yao
Appearance: loveable foreigner who mooches of short alchemists
Really: Xingese Prince searching for a legendary stone
Secret Motives: ???
Duration eyes are shut {thus far}: 95% (not a real calculation)
Likeability: 120% (this one is real)

King Bradley
Appearance: Militaristic Leader of Amestris
Really: Homunculus Wrath, pawn to ambiguous evil scheme
Secret Motives: Kill anyone who finds out about secret motives
Eyes Shut: 80% (20% terrifying eye horror)
WTFness: 10/10

Other Series

Xellos Metallium (Slayers)
Appearance: "Trickster Priest" - self-anointed
Really: Old and powerful demon that feeds off the negative emotions of humanity
Secret Motive: "That is a secret"
Eyes Shut: 80%
Level of fucks given: 0%

Fai Fye Fay Yuui Fluorite (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)
Appearance: Lazy and good-natured wizard who even fooled the anime into believing he was nothing but sparkles and smiles.
Really: All that and a spy with absurdly dark past, and curses.
Secret Motive: Revive the dead.
Eyes Shut: 50%
Favorite nickname for grumpy ninjas: Cute ones.

Takashi Yamazaki (Cardcaptor Sakura)
Appearance: Average knowledgeable school boy.
Really: A perfect human being.
Secret Motive: To troll classmates without the use of internet.
Eyes Shut: 99%
Fact: He was originally going to be the main character, and Cardcaptor Sakura was going to be a slice of life comedy instead of a magical girl manga, but Yamazaki was too perfect to be the main character; instead the story focused on his classmate who had secretly inherited an ancient wizard’s powers.

Brock (Pokemon)
Appearance: Gym Leader and Ladies’ Man
Really: Gym Leader
Secret Motive: Not so secret
Eyes Shut: 99.99%
Conflict: Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny?

Officer Fallman
Appearance: Subordinate of Mustang's
Really: What are your secrets, Fallman?
Eyes Shut: 100%
Advice: Trust no one!

"Don't know if nice person, or secret assassin."

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I'll try not to do it. If my first response to an online comment is to assume it's hostile, though, I might need to take it easy, and lower my current stress levels.
(Adorable spider has a more adorable video: Spider Can't Hide

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I admit, at first I read the post that way and it was very hard to see other interpretations when I was upset. However, I did the best thing, I finished a stressful commission, waited, read it again, and mulled it over. It would have been less stressful to ask what sporkganza93 meant.

Now I feel like hiding for a few days.