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Civilus Defendus


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Those of us with prudence, foresight and some historical knowledge tremble for our nation, doing everything possible through our elected representatives, our freedom of speech, our feet and our pens to see that tyranny does not conquer us. If these fail, what comes next...?

"[W]hen the Third Reich reigned, Hitler and his minions established the Nazi Weapons Act of 1938, which prohibited German civilians from owning any firearms. The Left is doing the same thing, but in a ‘nicer,’ ‘gentler,’ more ‘sensitive’ and gradual way. Only those without prudence, foresight, and some historical knowledge on how tyrannies function, would believe that the Obama administration really wants to end crime and protect children (they are all pro-choice)."

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So, earthy justice remains incomplete, held hostage by murderers and their apologists. This is the second crime done to the victims and their loved ones... and society.

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In "Age of Delirium: The Decline and Fall of the Soviet Union" David Satter describes the shattering of the grip of government on every aspect of the people's lives. They stood in shock and apprehension at the loss of the protective state and at their new and uncertain liberation to think and act for themselves.

We will have such a moment, when the Demagogue-in-Chief is gone, when socialism is finally discredited sufficiently to no longer be vogue, when PC censorship is rejected, moral and cultural equivalence are accepted as demonstrably false... a time when American exceptionalism expresses itself in a myriad of ways, dead white men are read and appreciated, personal responsibility is less burden and more liberation. Americans will value their nation, their culture and citizenship and their children.

There is much yet to be done, but that vision is there, just out of reach.

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Termitator - Undermining Freedom.

Bosch, can you still his head on a termite?

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–”Preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action.”

Orwellian translation: Ensuring your equal "freedom" requires a government boot at the neck of anyone who isn't towing the line determined by the Collectivist-in-Chief. The left's version of "equality" necessarily destroys individual freedom. Every child should attend Prager University...

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Jamie Glazov and Evan Sayet are voices of reason that also inspire alarm about our current state of affairs. Mr. Sayet's words lead me back to a poem I wrote (full poem at link). The "accumulated powers" are the left's leadership and the "sightless masses" are Mr. Sayet's brain dead Liberals. There are consequences for "forsaking the good, the uplifting, the virtuous" ...although who can say just what they are?

Why have you forsaken me?
I am the Idea that men are created equal and should be thus before the law.
I am the unrivaled ideal that individuals matter, that governments are formed among men to protect those individuals and defend to the greatest degree freedom of conscience and action for the few and the many.

Forsake me not…
O accumulated powers and sightless masses think not that there is no consequence to forsaking the good, the uplifting, the virtuous. For an unearned position held through artifice and devoid of honor can never for long be what you seek – a privileged life of iron rule apart from those betrayed and removed from justice. For most assuredly a bold new world will spring forth.

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The House holds the purse strings - USE THEM. Hey, Zero, bring me itemized $500B per year reductions or we start defunding government employees, starting with everyone you have hired in 4 years. Confiscating all the "rich folks" wealth will only destroy America. Oh, now I see your vision..

Psst, Boehner, ever hear of 'balance of powers'?

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Perhaps a scowling Obeyme on the cover with several articles delineating his dubious associations, economic failures, dangerous islamophilia and his collectivist desires would gain readership.

Time gone by... Time wasted... No Time for you... Time to move on.

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Labeling it a "sharia-democracy" will provide all the context needed to understand the state of affairs in such a nation.