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I am thinking NOT. halal water? Please give peddle your islamic domination babble elsewhere or is it that your 'halal' source is all about? One more way to force islam and sharia law upon this country? As Americans become more educated about islam they will want nothing to do with halal foods or anything else halal. I boycott any company that I discover is catering to and producing halal products like maple Leaf Farms and Campbell's Soup Company. Go ahead and call me all the names you want as I have heard them all before and be accused of being a racist, islamophobe etc. There is NOTHING humane about halal slaughtering methods.

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And islam and sharia law are completely evil.

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Come right out and say what you mean. Are you a ignorant mussie who who is hinding behind his words and blaming the Jews and Christians for all of society's ills? Get with it, moron. This is about islam gone wild and people converting before they know the reality of islam. islam kills and always has. At least the Christians and Jews have learned from their past. Pisslam, the ideologogy of conversion or be killed has not learned anything. It is still stuck in 672 and the sone age mentality that it really is.

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there are way more bullets than muslims in the world. Get ready to use them all.
islam is a perverse, violent ideology, politically founded and it is NOT a religion.

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Thanks you so much for this update. I am saddened by this news. David
Littman is a man I have admired and hold in the highest regard. His fight for
our freedom and true human Rights cannot and should not
be taken for granted, ever.

That he wages the fight from home under with his medical problems is just amazing,
and he is an example for all of us.

A true statesman for humanity and to me, a hero for our times.

@dontlooknow: Israel is the cancer? No, you and islam are the cancer of the world for the
last 1500 years. You and islam are a malignancy that will kill each other, consumed by the
hatred and perversion that flowed from allah to your perverted prophet mohmmad.

Your ignorance is pathetic but typical.

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Well put Prof_Turgeson. Many forget that when this occurred and want to make him out to be a monster and mass murderer, which he was not. The civil war, like any major conflict has events that spill out of control, It is war, that is why it is called war. The author has made very good points and his efforts to tie Forrest and the times into today and islamic fueled terrorism should not be lost on anyone who reads this. We can slice and dice the 'facts', history and Forrest to pieces if we want to.I choose to give the man his due as a superb tactician, strategist and leader. Far from perfect but then who is? Only one that I know of and HE died on the cross. There was nothing civil about the civil war.

There is no peace in islam and with islam, there will never be peace. That has been very clear since 1976.

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As will Mr. Adam's and others. Guilt, nope not even remotely close. I am not trying to change history nor will I will vilify a man as you have when he has redeeming merits and qualities. You make him out to be like what, Hitler?/ Even though you do not say so. I will stand and take Mr. Adam's writing and research any day over your piss ant comments, Badcrow.

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If Forrest was so evil why did several thousand blacks attend his funeral? They were not there at gunpoint, nor because they were glad to see him dead. Many leaders and famous people have events or actions that they regret and many changed their ways. Forrest was one of them and he tried to disband the KKK but it had already been hijacked by those who hated blacks and other minorities back then. Mr. Adams is NOT rewriting history but stating facts which is more than we see you doing. What do you know of Forrest? What is your background and expertise. I know Mr. Adams and what you accuse him of is ridiculous and I am sure he will be writing here long after you. Mr Adam's is very well educated and knowledgeable about the Civil war and has studied it for years. None of us need to certify ourselves to the likes of you. Stay out of here if you have a problem with what others may find interesting or enjoy. Are you a conservative from Berkeley, California? No one FORCED you to read this. Go apologize for your own guilt someplace else.

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What a awesome article. I am a fan of Forrest and have been for many years. Underrated and unappreciated by those who do not know, realize or study military history, especially the Civil War. Lee knew his commanders and his men. His opinion was not the only one who felt this way about Forrest. Forrest was somewhat of a 'rascal' and troublemaker in his private life but he war record sets him apart from almost all others. While those who may not like or appreciate what the Confederacy was all about(not all was the slavery thing), it is that spirit that this country is seriously lacking today. This spirit transcends black or white, north or south. We are a polarized nation and we had best find ourselves very quickly. Otherwise there will be a darkness that will swallow the west and all it stands for. I would like your permission Dan, to re-post at my site. We know each other and are very like minded. I am off to the fridge for another BridgePort IPA!

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As the mullah in the White House circumvents, skirts, trashes the Constitution it should be be so very clear that this POTUS(gag!) obamaham hates our country and all it has handed him, on a silver spoon. Everything barry said he would not do, he has done or is in the process of doing. Lie after lie and the very foundations of the USA are in grave danger from this far leftarded man who thinks he can run(ruin) our country. I have received actual threats from voicing my opinions and thoughts and this is urging me to become more bold and outspoken against what the demosocialistacrats have set out to do. Do not let these so called progressives intimidate you or shut you up. They wither in the face of facts and logic when used against them and they
cannot defend their positions, so they want to silence any and all critics of their sick agenda. The cancer of liberalism, a threat to us all.