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THE PEOPLE WOULD BE BETTER SERVED IF.....................the 21 year transcripts are all released! HOWEVER; Entire transcripts, school records, birth records, SS# records, Selective Service Records, Passport Travel records of Barack H. Obama must be revealed for The People to peruse. Thank you!

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Hey, George. Relax! Many of those people would chew you up - you'd be on your own. Are you saying that the Democrats are God? I can't imagine God forgiving child molesters - that's what Hell is for - Devil has his own you know.

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I will not stand shoulder to shoulder with murderers, pedophiles, and rapists - this is NOT the Democratic Party of The Greatest Generation! Felons must not be allowed the vote - PERIOD! We need an American On Horseback to stop all of this bullsh_t! I am voting American - Romney/Ryan.

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No, Richard those mostly happened by conquest (ROMANS), and the Crusades were initiated to claim safe passage for Christians going to the Holy Land, The muslims were conversion by the sword, or seond rate citizenship, or death/slavery. Besides, we are talking now - what happens in our world - not in the past. We must take measures to stem the tide of barbarianism.

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Yes, I am an Islamophobe! 1400 years of terror, murder, mutilations, beheadings, rapes, slavery, ignorance perpetrated by the evil machinations of a perverted mad man.

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The Democratic Party emulating Che in their various Election offices demonstrates their lack of factual reality. That Che is honored shows that murder is condoned if it can be twisted it into the heroic destruction of the establishment or the opposing party.

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Spoken like the true muslim he is! Building up mohammed - yes, we know, that camel caravan killer.

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Ask a muslium what a "dhimmi" is and the question will be met with stone- faced denial, a chuckle, and lies as to its real meaning. They are here as settlers and their intention is to take over our way of life - PERIOD! There is no protection behind these scumb_gs have the world by the balls.......and they know it!~

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Just as Facebook is losing stock value they are also losing members. Initially FB was a great concept, now as it rolls over for Sharia it is a defunct net rag! Here is my take...........ban all mosques, deport all muslim students, demand assimilation or deportation, end all money give-a-ways to muslim countries - immediately. We have 43 million Americans below the poverty level why the hell are we giving potential killers of Americans a dime? Why?

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Wherever muslims migrate they go as settlers not as immigrants seeking new lives. And as in this case when their numbers are such that they just keep expanding their territory like a creeping diseased vine. Then they demand. Then they go gaga according to their koran. Infidels (us) beware!