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Here! here! Their world may one day come crashing down on them and they will sit and wonder why and how?
I really marvel at some peoples stupidity in real world issues.

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Very true gmccal! Glad to see you are still fighting the good fight and standing for the TRUTH about the disease that is called Islam.

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Maxpublicus you are so right! I have been called a racist, islamophobe and a hate monger because i stand for the old ethics and the America when it was started, Honor, justice and pride in your country. Well good for Mr. Stein. Someone besides us fringe dwellers has finally seen the truth also.
Hi everybody I am back! hehe

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All freedom -loving peoples should back this announcement. What "Mr." Obama does in the next four years will probably be too little too late (if at all). Remember all the honor killing victims,people who just wanted to live thier lives the way they wanted to. Remember the "purges" when this evil regime was established, (I personally lost a very close friend and someone very dear to me, my finacee'). __Hurrah to Hona Arjomand for standing up to these cowardly murdering thugs

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A very Happy Passover and Easter to all freedom-loving peoples,especially the Jews and Christians during this joyous celebration.

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Poor Palestianians they will be "forced" to start more beheadings of Israeli civilians and other non-conbatants because of "evil" Israelis "forced" them to because they would not bend over and release more terrorists with blood on their hands.
He is right, Israel will never learn, thank GOD!
Go Israel!

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Welcome to the good fight Mr. Parker. We(I mean all true defenders of the the Constitution) are happy to have you. Please feel free to comment with the rest of us "Islamaphobes" in free speech and liberty.

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Where are the F.umbling B.unch of I.diots here, huh?
They should be finding these maggots and deporting them back to the cesspool from which they came from

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TREASON... plain and simple

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And that is a very important point, Axel. It shows that even being a moderate Muslim can be changed into a rabid "true" believer Under the right circumstances. So we all need to watch them even more closely.
Well said