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So - the Muslims, once again, play to double-standards whenever it suits them.

They claim persecution and oppression (and preach hatred of the kuffars) from the safety of their free-speech-guaranteed pulpits in the Western world, and then go home to dar-al-Islam and then immediately start persecuting and oppressing non-Muslims.

I wonder why? Probably so that when they describe the concept of oppression, they can at least speak from personal experience - if only experience from the wrong side of that equation.

And where is the MSM on this, anyway? Still in raptures about Obama, I suppose.

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Pakistan was doomed the moment that General Zia ul-Haq came to power and started Islamising Pakistan. Oddly enough, Pakistan was really trying to be a secular Islamic state before then, with verying levels of success.

But since ul-Haq invited the Wahhabis in, the place has gone to the dogs.

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Hatred is preached in mosqes, and the law enforcement agencies are increasingly-openly being spoken of as the enemy of Islam - even among the so-called "moderate" groups.

And you wonder that the FBI looks to these places to find clues about jihadi terrorist activity?

Hypocrites. I never thought that ACLU, a body devoted to freedom of speech and many other worthy civil rights, would sink so low as to collaborate with CAIR to exclude discussion about Islam and its tenets from mainstream society.

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Given that increasingly mainstream Muslim "thought" denies that the Holocaust ever took place (as expressed by the Head of State for the third-largest Muslim state in the world), it is more than a little hypocritical for the Muslims in Europe, who are permitted a wide variety of special rights, to complain that they are the "Jews" of today.

Further, if they don't want all that nasty "Islamophobia" (which, in its essence, boils down to a simple rejection of shariah law by the people already living in the area), then all they have to do is dump their extreme demands - you know, those special holidays, their demands for shariah law, their demands to remove all Christian symoblism from public view, their demand for polygamy and child-brides, and so on and so forth.

It's simple: If you want to be accepted, then make your customs acceptable. Don't expect your host nation to conform to you, as if you're some kind of parasite - no, wait. That's right - Islam is a parasite on the world. I'd forgotten.

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Well, well, well.

Please, do invite that butcher to reside there. I believe that the US Armed Forces would like a word or two with him regarding 3,000 dead civilians.

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Actually, their geometric internal architecture is quite beautiful, especially as displayed in the classic buildings, such as the Alhambra Palace in Granada.

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"Banned" under duress from the international community (remember, even the Soviets despised slavery), and then covertly winked at does not constitute banning in my book.

Saudi Arabia is a slave state, yearly trafficking in thousands of slaves for purposes of domestic servitude, manual labour, sexual servitude and (oddly enough) child-jockeys for camel-racing events. (I know that it sounds like "Murder, Arson and Jaywalking" to include that last, but it is horrific enough to deserve inclusion. On a side note, the UAE deserves some credit for taking firm steps to end that practice.)

For any Muslim to claim that Lincoln was a Muslim is egregious in the extreme. To be sure, he was lukewarm about emancipation (due to Constitutional issues, not lack of compassion for slaves), but eventually agreed to the permanent ban of slavery in the US (Hence, the two Proclamations were dates Sep. 1862 and Jan. 1863, not 1861 - the start of the Civil War). A step that no Muslims would *ever* have taken.

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Lincoln a Muslim?


That's just wrong. Everything that Muslims hate - equality, democracy, freedom and justice - he stood up for. That man was no Muslim!!

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Does it matter what CAIR thinks? The FBI's charter is to protect US security from internal threats, not to kowtow to any religion and back off from investigating it.

If anything, this call should serve as a catalyst for the FBI to step-up its investigation and make it more thorough - if the Muslims don't have anything to hide, then why are mosques and medrassahas off-limits to inspectors? They remind me of Saddam during the "searches for WMDs".

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And why aren't the womens' rights groups jumping up and down about this?

Simple: They believe that an American woman's right to have an abortion-on-demand and a 100% pay equality with men is far more important than their Pakistani sisters' rights to even have legal identities, or be safe from marital rape, etc. etc.

Don't get me wrong: I *do* believe that pay equality is a good thing. I *do* believe that whatever your stance on abortion rights, it is an issue that needs to be discussed. But priorities, NARAL, priorities. Defeat the greater evil before tackling the far lesser evil, not after.