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So what we get is this: "Arab leaders reject Israel’s peace offer, renew their promises of destruction and annihilation; and after a while they go to war again, and lose again, and Israel again offers peace. Repeat this process 31 times and you have the history of the Arab-Israel conflict in a nutshell." There is no way to change that reality, not unless they jettison Islam, as Turkey's Ataturk (almost) succeeded in doing. Otherwise, all you get for all your troubles trying to bring peace to the Middle East, or the rest of the Islamic world, is hatred, vengeance, poverty, famines, destruction, torture and death. So the people suffer. None can blame the Jews, nor the West for this. This suffering, exacerbated by their very high birth rates breeding more poverty, is what they have reaped from their Mohammad=Allah societal foundations. Throw in 'inshallah' fatalism, systemic corruption, slavish subservience, kat addiction, child 'suicide' bombings, 'honor' killings of women, and whipped up hatreds of all the 'others', and you have the perfect recipe for Allah-hell. The Arab-Israeli conflict pales as a small side show by comparison to the deeply embedded problems of the Islamic/Arab world. There is no 'road map to peace' that can ever save that. It's the Islam. Deep down, it's always Islam: war and more war, more poverty, more suffering, more cries for help and 'victimhood' while they lob missiles and suicide bombers at the non-Islamic 'other', especially Israel. You can't help those who will not help themselves, while they have their hand out. Suffering is what Islam is all about. Gaza and West Bank notwithstanding, they do it all to themselves... That is the sick reality of Islam, and even them recognizing Israel won't change it. This is beyond rescuing. Islam is dead.

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Arab leaders reject Israel’s peace offer, renew their promises of destruction and annihilation; and after a while they go to war again, and lose again, and Israel again offers peace. Repeat this process 31 times and you have the history of the Arab-Israel conflict in a nutshell.

Well, the so-called Arab 'Palestinians' are honest about one thing, and one thing only: They don't want peace.

Suffering seems to be the lot of these Arab Pals, so rather than build a productive society run by constitutional democratic principles, as have other societies, protecting the rights of the people, and working hard to make things work; they opt for warmongering dictatorship leaderships that keep the people perpetually oppressed with poverty, violence, self-imposed 'victimhood', collective hatred, rage against the Jews, suicidal imperatives, ignorance, and female oppressions; all this in true devotion to the dictates of a 7th century desert Arab warlord, Mohammad=Allah, and his theo-political 'teachings' scribbled into the Koran, which mostly sums up Islam.

Stand back and look at this: Arab 'Palestinians' repeatedly reject peace, democratic principles, constitutional law, human rights protections (all as 'man made laws'), so are unable to form a functional and peaceful productive society; but they accept Islamic principles (which in ideal form are Koranic Sharia), so suffering according to some primitive desert Arab's imperative to go and conquer in his name, to the impoverishment and social dislocations devoid of social justice, in order to destroy the Jews and their functioning, successful democratic society... What's wrong with this picture? Worse, what's wrong with the world to not call it, and put a stop to this unnecessary Arab self-imposed human suffering? It simply makes no sense.

But suffering is what Islam breeds. It is so evident in all the Islamic states, from Mali to Indonesia, that the people suffer. Even in so-called (almost) 'progressive' Islamic states like Malaysia, Turkey, Lebanon, AUE Dubai, (former) Tunisia, there are gross violations of human rights and Islamic attacks on principles of human equality and freedom of conscience, where due process of law is a whimsical thing, so suffering is embedded as well. It is much worse in the rest of the Islamic universe, where suffering is deeply embedded for the people: Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Yemen, Caucasus, the whole of North Africa, especially Sudan and Somalia, and then draconian Sharia in primitive, oil rich Saudi Arabia, where stonings and beheadings are a public pass-time. Never mind the Middle Eastern states like Jordan, Syria, where petty kingships/dictatorships rule with a draconian iron hand. That's what Islam produces, very few success stories, but much human suffering. And that is the world to which the Arab 'Palestinians' belong to. So they are meant to suffer. None can blame that on the Jews! Throwing the Jews out of Palestine (since no land grabbed by Arab conquerers can ever return to the 'infidels' per their Koran) will not change things for them one iota. All the 'peace' flotillas, humanitarian aid, humanistic (Christian based) sympathy, and mainstream hand wringing can never change the perpetual Islamic suffering reality. They do it all to themselves.

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And instead of allowing Muslims to complain, as is their wont, about Infidels, we should show them that we are keenly aware of, grasp perfectly, the nature of Islam, and all the ways in which it explains the wretchedness of Muslim countries. That wretchedness is only temporarily camouflaged by the gigantic amounts of wealth transferred to the Muslim oil states, who since 1973 have received more than twelve trillion dollars, and yet not one such state has managed to create an advanced economy. It's the most colossal economic failure, with the greatest resources available, in the history of the world. And it is entirely the fault of Muslims themselves. We Infidels had nothing to do with it. - by Hugh

Great essay, and spot on. "We infidels had nothing to do with it." CNN and Co need to read up on Islam's tenets and Sharia world domination ambitions. There is no "interfaith" dialogue until we all understand that "we had nothing to do with it." It's all theirs, lock, stock and red beard.

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Like looking into a giant Grendel's den, a vast moving gristmill of stone grinding human souls. Free people from around the world should look deeply into this, and ponder... and shudder.

We should remember to not underestimate the enemy. Though it is inferior on many levels, intellectually, strategically, economically, materially, organizationally, it is nevertheless still a formidable foe. They can marshall millions to wreck havoc on the world. This small snapshot of their "axis of Jihad" is but an example to ponder. But we can and must remain always nineteen steps ahead of them in our strategic thinking, to always keep them off balance, making them trip over their own overwhelming numbers with indecision and confusion. Though they may swarm like flies, one well placed strike will reduce them further, and reduce their morality to defeat. We had seen this before, of any enemy, though is is especially suited to the Mohammedan enemy. The Arabs will lie about their 'mother of all victories' like Saddam Hussein's (dis)information minister of propaganda in the Gulf War; or like Cairo radio during the 6 Days War with Israel, where they lied to not only their own people, but even to the generals who were to fight the Israelis, where they broadcast their 'victories' [sic]. They lost big both times because they lie, they are disorganized, they have poor strategic skills, and this is their main weakness. If we do not give them the benefit of being teated like errant children, but hold the Arabs responsible for their actions as we would any normal adult, then they are sent on the retreat, because they cannot hold a candle to our abilities. Remember this when you next hear their bravado, their threats, their suicidal tendencies, their 'terrorists' blowing themselves up to kill as many innocents as they can find, when they call to their god for glory and victory over the 'infidels'. It is all empty, bankrupt, and should be fought to the finish. But do not underestimate them, because they are still dangerous.

With this I end my communications here, since I must attend to other duties. Carry on, this site of JW (and it's old DW) is a great place to learn, and have your say. Carry on this important work of yours. ;)


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Maybe he was moved by this image, live webcam of Mecca:

Oy vey, okay, I'm over the top! ;) ... Hit 'Delete'?

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Wilders’ remark about the European elites’ “Stockholm Syndrome” seems to have hit a nerve. The Dutch elites – from the left to the right, from the Greens to the Conservatives – tried to distract attention from this by focusing on his alleged “insult” of an abused woman. [...]

This is sweet. Why would Geert's bringing up the fact this lovely blond woman was raped repeatedly, and then acceptingly almost apologetic of the fact, should be seen as an "insult" of an abused woman? Is there not a double standard here, where the "abused woman" part is misplaced? If she is okay with the Taliban's disposition towards raping her, why should these Dutch elites condemn Geert for it? After all, if a woman's sanctity to her body can be so casually brushed off, by a woman, why should the 'elites' be bothered by her example? Shouldn't they respect her wishes, that to be ravaged is okay with her? Does this make Geert's use of her as an example somehow "abuse" her, if she's already accepted her violation as okay?

This is a clear case of the Dutch elites 'projecting' their own left liberal post-modern moral relativist values on the abomination of a woman being raped repeatedly and then giving in to the Stockholm syndrome, which is an outrage to normal human beings, but from a leftist sharia compliant point of view is totally okay. She thought so. Of course this episode hit a nerve, because it proved Geert's point, that it is not a neo-Nazi right wing perspective that makes this Taliban kidnap and rape so odious. It is odious even by their own moral relativist post-modern standards, sweet evil, which is a contradiction. So they howled! Smart guy! :)

Of course, if she's a recent convert, it makes sense that she would be apologetic. Bad choice to convert to a Cult. Tough love. But where are the women's lib in all this? Shouldn't they be outraged?

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"I wanted to refine the story. A person is not a monster because he calls himself Taliban.” .. says Joanie de Rijke.

No, they're not monsters because they are the Taliban, they're just rapists and murderers. She must be okay with that? Did her own repeated raping not teach her anything? Sick!!

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Oppression of non-Muslims, or anyone not believing as they are told by the mullahs and clerics, is the absolute truth about the Koran, it is riddled with oppression of the 'un-believers'. There is no way to change this, because it is fact. Any limitations on our freedom of speech cannot change that fact. The truth is still the truth.

The ruling interests who control government and believe themselves spokesmen for Allah will hold themselves above the law, lie if they must, just to maintain their control. Any opposition will be silenced and crushed, because it goes against their word of Allah. This is true of all Islamic sects (including Bahai's, who will shun their own dissenters), who to maintain their 'word of god' legalism will punish anyone who disagrees with their scriptures. Human laws and social agreements count for naught in their twisted world of 'the book'.

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It's in their damned book. Geert is right to call for its banning, as a hate book.

Sell it on the same shelf as Mein Kampf, under lock and key.

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"But we intend to set a good example and refrain from violence, Islam is a religion of peace," he said.

What this really means is be good dhimmis and obey us, and all will be "peaceful for you."

"The real agenda is migrants' rights in Greece which include issues of religion," he told AFP...

What that really means is "more concessions for us from your kufr."

You see, just have to know "Islam speak" to understand what they say. Teach this language to all your friends, and they too will do Islam speak, so all can understand it. Easy!