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I think the last part of the course is how to get an abortion for free and privately from parental notification?

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God tells ark builders well in advance before the rain, as well as the mockers who ignore till it is to late.

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I am sure you also consider Holder a true patriot suing Arizona from protecting its borders from murdering hordes that Obama and Holder just consider good democratic voters! W(ay)T(o) F(ool) yourself. This Border Patrol officer and the rancher killed are just collateral damage to the new world order elitists agenda requiring the destruction of the American society from within. Obama is Bush Squared. Divide and conquer, sell us little people out and then take their seats of power together post dem/repub squabbles in the coming post USA world government. Create constant crisis to solve by only requiring a little loss of rights, freedom, privacy, property, sovereignty at a time.

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Why is a legal product subject to government approval and permission? Do we not pay for it, as well as the comfort control in the bureaucracy using a willing Pravda to social engineer others rather than mind their own business? Shame on you KATU for being a tool. Why not file a FOIA for whitehouse temperatures and all other government building temps to be realtime monitored on the internet, since we pay for this as well as our own homes comfort so the beaurocrat who is behind this has a comfortable office!

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You are right. I mean left, but right. About the hate I mean, I know I have been guilty and I am sorry for not being perfect and hurting other people. I think it is ok to hate ideas if you have your reason for doing so, but never to hate people. Knowing this and doing are two different things though. If we can love those who hate us then that is growth. It does not necessitate change from either party or coming to common conclusion? Take care..

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If I may add that the republican party is far from perfect in my view and that there are elements of truth in both philosophies. If I and humanity was capable of putting others equal to myself then socialism would be a true utopia, capitalism admits selfishness and greed to produce individual freedom and opportunity minus security of big gov. redistribution which results in equal misery under a tyrant and elite ruler class vs, the private rich elite. But another drawback of capitalism is if it becomes a big unsustainable ponzi pyramid? Lately I think no matter who or what manmade power/system prevails, will it change the future depicted in the Revelation? Thanks for listening sister.

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I cant argue with that or being a "meanie" or gloating, I apologize, we are all people who love our pets and need love. well, pschycopathic ax murderers excluded! You speak wisdom.

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I was talking to my dem friends at work today, they will support BO over MR but are not happy over formers "disappearing act" in wisconsin, also the fact that the public cuts are the teachers never the administration, the postman, never the postmaster general. Obamacare they like but we all see it is not good enuf for the president the congress the representatives...later lefty!

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Hi thanks for being here and your comments which i respect, if not always in agreement. If I disagree it does not make me right. Honest freedom of belief based on self thought and lesser of evil realities if no ideal is available is all I can expect down here in an imperfect world while we await the future. I want to repeat that i admire a poster who speaks courageously as a minority view than when among a majority of "friends".

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Lib Hate. It's a very scary thing. These demons must be excorsized with 3 ronald reagons and 3 iron ladies w/ three recitations of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, do not forget rubber coveralls and face shield to dodge green vomit!