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Like that's going to go over well with the Afghans.

For the KATU posters. I am not dead. It appears that KATU has banned me and I probably won't be back. Time for me to move on.

It's been a fun ride.

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SS demand is way up requiring more and more government money to pay back the loans from SS
Medicare demand is way up diverting more and more money from the federal budget.
demand for social services are way up with more and more people in poverty.
tax revenue is still way down as there are less and less people working
Federal spending is way up. The US will add another trillion to the deficit this year.
The Eurozone is headed into another recession per a top banking official.

And of course the big one is the massive federal deficit which will hit 20 trillion in a few years.

Once 0bamCare takes hold watch the recession get serious.

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Yea, that would be like telling Bin Laden we know where he is and will be coming to visit him this weekend.

Surprisingly just saying they will be doing the sting will get compliance.

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It depends on the are. Much of Oregon is open range but I don't think that 395 is in that area. Umatillia is an open range and live stock district meaning they can have both.

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War is ugly business and we should have been out of this one in 2000.

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I USED to admire indians...but now, not so much. They were a strong proud people at one time.

Christians may cry but muslims will kill you. Rather have the crying any day.

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Good link. I will use that in the future.

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They would need a road 20 lanes wide with a huge parking lot at the end. And the folks would have to keep moving to the end of the parking lot so others could get in.

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Too many are out of shape and it is too far to go in a short amount of time. Especially if they are on a very flat area of the coast the waves will just catch them further down the road when they stop to rest.

The waves are expected to go up 100-200 feet up cliffs and could go miles inland depending on terrain. The Japanese tsunami went inland 6 miles and did damage and there were waves and debris that went 10 miles.

To me next to a cliff is better than being on the flats. I'll take my chances with rock slides at that point.

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We called them PK's.