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All he has to do is become a JW!

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And good ones they are, Tox.

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This will be fun to watch. I used to do the workers' comp claims for Tri-Met and every one of the (many) administrators I had monthly meetings with would all say they couldn't ride MAX or take the busses because their office(s) were not on any bus/MAX lines. Now, they won't have any excuses. Wonder how many of them will now take mass transit when their office(s) are moved downtown.

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Thumbs down for me, I know.....
It's time to get over this.
Ten years is more than long enough, IMO.

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Faking, Arizona tried that a few years back. It's called the Employer Sanction Law. The last I read about it, it's still in litigation and can't yet be enforced.

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If they want to know which one is the fastest (which is what's needed to qualify), why is a coin toss even being considered?

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Altazi, as someone who was brought to this country as a teen ager by my parents - and as someone who had to go to citizenship school, get finger printed, fill out tons of forms, wait months, pass a citizenship test and swear before a judge that I would hold this country and her flag sacred, above all else...I agree with you completely!
I had to wait until I was 18 and in the US for a certain number of years before I could apply to become a citizen. Before that, every January, I had to fill out a 'Resident Alien' that I got from the Post Office, telling Uncle Sam where I was and what I was doing. It was a pain in the butt, but worth it to be here. My parents became American citizens four years after I did after being legal Permanent Residents here for years.
THAT'S how it's supposed to be - or still should be!

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tallpalms, 'Anchor Babies', as you call them, were born in America and are already American citizens. This decision by Obama (of which I'm not at all happy about) gives the ILLEGAL children brought across the border by their parents a path to citizenship.

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And this will accomplish......what?

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AVOID confrontation? Seriously? Those little pukes had already 'confronted' this woman - she was only defending herself.
This sister makes me proud to be a woman! Wish we could hear more stories like this!