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Good, was looking for this list. Now I know who NOT to support. In fact I was going to contact quickenloans after hearing their ad on his show, not now. fluke IS a SLUT and so are all the scumbag supporters of her slutty lifestyle. Rush shouldn't have apologized, his show will be stronger than ever and plenty of real American companies will join him.

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I guess there is a point where society becomes over educated. WOW.

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Merry Christmas to you too.

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Thanks to dbagging democRATS, this country is turning into a 3rd world slum.

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Ah, the resource deserving 99%. What's he doing attempting to work a real job in the first place. He should be in a dirty park demanding his "equal" share of resources.

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I'll bet it smelled better than her natural stink.

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Screw the feds. Keep it going Sheriff Joe. This scumbag democRAT admin and their entire party will not be happy until we're a third world slum just like mexico.

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Of course it depends on who's writing the history books. If the current education system is allowed to continue our children will be fully brainwashed into believing nobama was a great president.

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Think I'll make a trip to Lowes, even though I need nothing from them right now. Maybe a leaf blower or something. Anything to support them against the muslim hordes.

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megan is a "smart, stupid, average persons" MORON. No one should forgive her dad for reproducing such an IDIOT.