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Legal Americans have rights too! First rights. So do those who are waiting in the legal immigration line. We made the law. We elected officials to enforce them, they have not. It is unfortunate that we have allowed the Federal Government and our leadership to fail in its enforcement. Failed to even agree to pass EVerify. My opinion is to slam the borders shut to all immigration until our Nation is stablized. When you have over 45% of the population in the federal soup line, below poverty level, working or not, being quietly issued debit food stamps just trying to trying to survive, we don't need any more foreign workers competing for and getting employmentand benefits that RIGHTFULLY belongs to ENGLISH SPEAKING citizens of these United States Of OUR America.
Put the hand cuffs on and send them home, all of them. They do not belong in our jails, schools, colleges, hospitals, employment or unemployment lines.... We could pay Countries to take them back and be ahead.

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IDIOT! You don't have a clue.

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Many who don't have a stake in the game and really care about what this Nation will look like when our grand children enter the work force would be quite disturbed with factual true numbers seen in this clip "Gumballs" and other resources in the library at Numbers USA. A sight dedecated to educate not just the USA but the World. They are heavy advocates for USA. We MUST STOP the FLOW. The visual brings it from a World view on actual population to your home. I can tell you it will have a profound effect.
This clip explains why we are overloaded and why the rest of the World may have to go on without our help, because we are the ones who will have critical survival needs. Without adding any more to our mix as it is, our quality of life will NEVER, EVER, be as it was just 10 years ago. We need to stop for awhile so we can recover. My family does have a stake in the game, but they too realize the doors need to be slammed shut ASAP to regroup. Thanks PhredE

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Way to go earlybloomer. We have soooooo many clueless idiots in America! They must be thinking the news bites from our media and what is being fed to us in collage lib classes.... is "the way it is".

Obama said it well..."Never let a crisis go to waste"...but his real agenda is creating them for you so his policy can be implemented. Thanks for the link. Do you think if people really knew his insatiable quest was to be known for implementing the Cloven/Piven design to change our Constitution?

He has said this is why he got a degree in Constitutional law! Paid for with a scholarship for foreign students! DUH! IDIOTS! I am and American who believes in our Republic, and I do not believe the Socialist Democratic fellowship has a place in that Republic, but they sure as HELL are trying.

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Part of the point is the MIX. Immigration, and this Nation were built and made great by a blend of the entire World. People who gave up everything they were, to become American. Learning English quickly, educating, working and becomming American in everyway they could....without a Fed handout.

The MIX is off balance, way off balance! The ease and proximity of Latino's has balloned their influence. It is many times over the percentages agreed to by law. The MIX of the World's legal waiting should be upheld and the current balance be returned. OUR LAWS, should be enforced to protect the mix that made us so great.

Per the unemployment...AMERICANS, Legal Americans, HAVE RIGHTS TOO! FIRST RIGHTS TO WHAT WE WORKED FOR AND ONLY WHEN WE ARE STRONG AGAIN SHOULD WE RELAX IMMIGRATION. Until then the dorors should be slamed shut. The debit card soup line cards need to be returned. With close to 45% of America being fed by the government, we don't need anymore jobs stolen.

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Sighting more EO at the last possible minute with this case points directly at the Whitehouse. It would not be a surprise if Holder is mostly the scapegoat. This administration has defied the three branches of responsibility with contempt, suggesting that they can and have acted completely without the support of the Congress or the Supremes. Neither branch as taken action as they are required to do or even scolded Obama.

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Congress, the Presidency and the Supremes are cannibalizing this nation with crippling European Leadership influences.

Our Government is already helping feed 45% or more of our nation with food stamps instead of soup lines.
They don't need bullets, just take our money and ability to provide for ourselves away, and they have manipulated us into submission

They are like the malware, trojan worms and viruses we have security alerts on our computers for.
Quarantine and purge these “leaders” before our recovery is lost.

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“'This is what the world expects.” Obama's advisers do see the G-20 as a chance for the European nations to add some definition to their plans and show how they will put aside sovereign concerns to avoid calamity.”

“The Plan” ....we have destroyed your economy so you have little resistance to giving away your sovereignty. Sound familiar? Our America is running how much in the red? The hello for Grease. The G-20 is financially maneuvering economics in order to make a one-world government, bound to the United Nations, which would hold supremacy over the world’s governments. Obama and Hillary have already promised to give our sovereign rights away..........

Americans are Americans for a reason! Our Constitution is being cannibalized. We do not want their Progressive Communist, Socialist, Marxist or Dictatorships influence here.
That is what our forefathers risked their lives to get away from.
Obama’s leadership favors theirs, as he apologizes to the World for our steadfast republic’s constitution.

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Sam Adams is riding? He should, he is such a bike supporter.