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Putting ear plugs in my Dog!!!!

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but I am afraid this summer the headlines will say......Bolt wins with Gatlin FAR behind!

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I would like to address the lawyers of Mr Sandusky with this question.....Would you let your Grand-son or Children under the age of 10....stay for the weekend for a pool party at Jerry,s house?....I dont think any of the Juror's would neither the Judge,

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Now lets see ...A Baby, a Pitbull and a Piranha walk into a Bar .......

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Hey!!!....I resemble that remark!

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It's official...I will click on any article on KATU.... no matter how silly it seems!

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two of the counts had to be dismissed because the alleged victim testified Sandusky attempted to penetrate him but didn't say that such penetration had actually occurred."

So it only counts as sexual assault if penetration is made? Someone please explain this?

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Here I sit Reading all these comments and agreeing... then ask my self. "am I the only one who wonders why they clicked on this?".......But one must realize... She's not the dumb one. The people who watch her are.....then the real scary part is they will be voting this November!!!

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Lets see here now she poses nude for rent money, has a porno movie coming out called...OCTOMOM HOME ALONE! Her Rent is 3000 a month Maybe she could be a infomercial spokes person for Miracle Grow? And she would not even think of sticking her head out the window will driving doing 55+ in sunny California or thoes LIPS would beat her to death! ....how can she move into a smaller home with 14 children ......She would need to buy a abandon School House if you ask me!

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Just for your information he didnt want a safety line, he was totally against it, but for this to work Canada said he wears one or he dont Come into Canada, hell why criticize this guy most of us could not tightrope across our bath tub let alone something like this.