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My dad's usual go-to guy for carpentry work has one of those. They had a conversation something like:
dad: "Hey, did you know there's a law that those GM pickups can only have one daytime running light working?"
carpenter: "oh really?"
dad: "Don't worry, yours has one out so you're legal."

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Getting Chrysler's cash in exchange for a few shared components and platform hardpoints, and sucking it dry through excessive cost-cutting doesn't seem to have turned out too badly... for Daimler.

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There's something you wouldn't even see every day in its home country anymore.
My Cougar ('73) had the same door handles and rear side markers. I seem to remember that fiddly little heat exchanger adjacent to to the A/C compressor pulley from either that car's 351C, or from the 400's in the late-70's F-150's that were the family farm's work trucks till the early '00's.

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And what do they do if the kids want Spongebob popsicles?

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Alternate (could we say inverted?) version I saw on a presumable first-responder's car at the Ojibwe Forests Rally in 2009:

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Small pickups are a good answer for this, but I haven't seen an S-10 posted yet. Here's one with 73,000 miles, I4/manual/RWD but with a salvage title for $2800.

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Fiero at LeMons-eligible pricing.

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I don't want to know what that fuzzy pink mustache looks like after a few months of road grime and dead insects. I'm not sure I even wanted to know what a fresh one looked like.
From some Googling, apparently the pedestrian survived despite the Darwin Award attempt of crossing when neither he nor the PT Cruiser had right-of-way (which belonged to the car that ended up on its roof.)

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It can be interesting to compare car repair costs to motorcycles...
-Some years ago, my '96 Thunderbird and my KLR650 both needed radiator replacements within a few weeks of each other. The T-bird's radiator came in an appropriately car-radiator-sized box (2'x3'x6"-ish) and cost under $200. The KLR's radiator could have been safely packaged in a shoebox (assuming the shoebox was for gunboat-class shoes like my usual US-system 12.5 or 13) and cost $300.
-This is motorcycle/rider/road/tire-dependent, but it was routine for me to go through about 3 rear tires and 2 fronts for every 10,000 miles on the KLR running 50/50ish dual-sport tires and also about 50% pavement/50% dirt & gravel. My riding season would peak in June/July with the warm weather and the twilight lingering almost to the 11 PM hour, and I had times where a new rear tire installed in early June was due for replacement in late July/early August. It was hard to be too bothered when the tires cost $70-$80 and the worst part of the replacement was either a) not poking a hole in the tube or b) making sure the rear wheel and drive chain were correctly aligned after the reinstall.

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The IH Scout series had a few methods of denoting an update:
Scout 80 - Scout 800 / 800A / 800B - Scout II - Scout III [cancelled]

The 800's sequence is similar to how many off-highway equipment manufacturers designate updates. Some examples in articulated wheel loaders of a certain size range that were updated in the last few years: Case 621E became 621F, Deere 544J became 544K, Cat 924H skipped I/J and became 924K, etc...