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As a former NASCAR fan, you well know that many left turn only drivers have the "refined skill set" to turn right competently. Barring Montoya's gas mileage win at Sonoma the other year, no road racing ace has won a Cup road course race in decades. In the last 10 years or so, the Cup series road races have been dominated by a telegenic dirt track oval racer from Indiana, or a temperamental dirt track oval racer from Indiana, with one win by a dirt track oval racer who is popular with the ladies. The ringers have pretty much been made null and void in Cup.

While there are some NASCAR drivers who openly dislike the road races, the majority have embraced them and improved that all- important refined skill set to the point where the specialist right-turners no longer have an advantage. Even 2-time V8 SUpercars champion Marcos Ambrose has said the competition level in NASCAR is far beyond what he has experience in his career.

I understand you are on the Throw-NASCAR-Under-The-Bus team, but as a former fan, I implore you to try to maintain a little objectivity when comparing the two series.