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So I just learned that well known Japanese director Nagisa Oshima directed a promotional video for the Isuzu Bellett. Interesting given that he's mostly known for stuff like In the Realm of the Senses, and the stories don't sound very car promo-y. But unfortunately it's not easy to find and while there were screenings in New York that's not a place where I live.

I don't know what the modern equivalent would be. David Lynch for the Toyota Corolla? Abdellatif Kechiche for the Nissan Sentra?

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I'll admit that I'm far from immune to things that make you look subtly cheap. Like take the shifter on the car I drive now, on Canadian models the base Elantra GT has a rubber shift knob, the slightly more expensive one has a leather wrapped one with silver bits glued to it. And as much as it makes absolutely no difference to actual shift quality, I did gravitate towards the more expensive version for this silly and ultimately pointless reason.

Luckily though I bought it when the more expensive version was the same price as the cheaper one.

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One of the few comments I have left is a reply to a comment that disappeared, so it exists and yet does not exist. Its very strange.

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Did a pile of comments just disappear?

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They could also fit a Miata with weird vertical sliding doors and have a new Z1.

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Another thought, BMW buying Mazda. That way, BMW could stop trying to move downmarket with FWD minivans and awful variations on the Mini, and Mazda would have cash. They're not too far apart in philosophy and priorities, and they don't have product overlap.

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Last time we had a "merger of equals" involving Mercedes it didn't end very well though.

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Taking a different "these guys should buy Lotus!" tactic - Hyundai/Kia should, because if there's one weak link in Hyundai and Kia products it's their suspension tuning, and Lotus is really good at that. Plus we could get a successor to the Kia Elan, so that would be fun.

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That cat isn't so much folded as dismantled.

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Buy it quickly before the rest of it decomposes!