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Shoulda read that one to myself before I posted it. But I mean, who hasn't at some point inadvertently implied they enjoy bestiality in a public forum?

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Unlike the new crop of muscle cars (Camaro, Mustang), I like that these don't look like anything special. Future Q-ship. There's a reason something like a third of all my (relatively few) comments reference Grand Nationals or GNXs. For the vast majority of Americans, they look like any other shitty G-body, but then they go like a raped ape. I'm in to that.

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The Bear Republic is pretty hoppy. To use the "Dogfish Head IPA Hoppiness Gauge System (DHIPAHGS), I'd put it between 60 and 90 Minute. If they made an 83 Minute, it would be about there.

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I don't know where you are, but I can't recommend Great Lakes enough. They're not particularly well distributed, but if you see it, buy it. My MO at my local beverage center is one sixer of beer I know and love (right now I'm in to Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA) and one I've never had (I've got a couple varieties of Unibroue in the fridge right now, only one I've tried is La Fin Du Monde, quite good).

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Craft beer and independent breweries are awesome. My fridge is normally stocked with an assortment of Rogue, Great Lakes and Bells products. Yuppies drink Stella Artois or Blue Moon if they're feeling uppity, otherwise they're dedicated MGD or Bud Select drinkers. If they want to venture into "dark beers," they order a Killian's.

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It's been said above, but for people in my generation (I'm 23), Harleys have never been anything but mid-life crisis machines. At least with Corvettes you get a legitimately awesome sports car for your balding dollar. Harleys are ridiculous. My KLR 650 is more capable than a Harley in every way (with the right tires it's even fine on the freeway), it never breaks and there's no work on it I can't do easily.

Then again, my generation is making it all but impossible to ride a sport bike without looking like a tool.

Oh, and straight pipes are just obnoxious. Here's an article purportedly written by the President of HD. He uses the word "primeval" in describing Harleys' exhaust notes. Look at that man and tell me if there's anything even remotely primeval about him. That sums up HD right there.

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Oh E-Types. With proportions like that, they should not be even remotely attractive, but...wow. They're just ridiculously beautiful cars.

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Does Peter Egan count as an Automotive Legend? I've always liked his road trip stories and would love to hear them first hand over a beer.

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Maybe it's just this particular angle, but it alone is bad enough for me to throw the Ascari Ecosse up here.

As an aside, I know a lot of people will probably say Lamborghini, but I've always thought that their styling is perfect. They may not be the prettiest thing out there, but they communicate the character of the car effectively. I like for a car's styling to match it's substance, a la Dodge Viper, or Volvo 240. I think Lamborghini does that.

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Is there any question that it's the first gen Dodge Caravan? 2.5L Turbo with a five speed and readily upgraded? It's the ultimate sleeper. Need to teach some punk in a Mitsubishi Eclipse with an inappropriate wing a lesson? There's no better tool for the job. I'll have mine in maroon on maroon, with wood paneling. Of course.

And yes, I'm aware that that's a Grand Caravan.