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ha! nice work.

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im still waiting for the total recall xray wall. lets go TSA! do something useful!

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aw man... ive been knowingly calling it that for months now...

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guy in his basement fucking around...
company that pulls in millions a year...

believe me, anyone who does cg, if offered a render farm would take it over not having one.
waiting on machines can be soul crushing.

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gravity - basically every game out there
friction - most physics solvers have this
magnetism - every particle system has this
heat - fluid simulators have this

what else is there? electric current? dont really need that... photos? particles and rendering engines got this

really there is not much that cant be done with a load of possessors and LOTS of storage for all the answers to those fun equations.

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for the "holy shit factor" i enjoy realflows "quantum force" more.

coming to the desktop is a slight stretch though. while i admit the machine i use at work is a desktop, having a 100 node 24 core 48gig render farm is not quite what the average home user has... but man i wish i did!

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i also cool my mad scientist experiments with computer case fans.

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nice nice nice nice nice!
i know my next t-shirt design!

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looks like ill be bringing the camera to industrial metal supply this saturday. got to pickup some extruded aluminum bits for a project. you guys can post a fallow-up!

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yep, thats awesome.