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Ths should have a NSFRAOAM tag not safe for reading at one a.m. Now i've got photo-induced munchies

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One of my favorites, via Dublin: "relax the kaks."

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Last night backyard drinking lukewarm pinot grigio with friends at 2 am and hatching ideas for surprise party for friend who's leaving the nabe. Post a msg on facebook to a few other friends and wake up to find I've posted it as as my status. Surprise! My phone is smart, me not so much. After the second glass just step away from the phone.

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Do you think people said the same things about the pyramids of Giza five thousand years ago?

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Sure everybody should be able to have a hamburger now and then but as a steady diet? No. Why can't we give a tax break to supermarkets to open a branch in underserved areas? Jersey City gave tax abatements to luxury apartment buildings, why not Stop and Shop?

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Depending on how you feel about the great outdoors you can take/borrow a big pack & tent and camp on the national park seashore on fire island. Take the train to patchogue and then the ferry from watch hill. Get a camping permit (free) at the ranger's station there and hike in (don't camp in the campground). The mosquitoes can be pretty vicious at dusk but having a slice of beautiful beach to youself is pure heaven and does wonders for clearing your head. There's a shop and a bar at Watch Hill; there's also a little cafe at Belleport Beach if you need civilization or flush toilets :)

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AW you've hit your stride here! v funny

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Oh yeah, very published. Quit his job a while ago. Now married to another mystery novelist!

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This is an inspiring piece for a lazy writer like myself. My uncle writes mystery & thriller novels. He didn't start till his fifties, after he'd just picked up too many crappy novels and just decided, I could do better than this! And then he did. He's got a lot of discipline gets up at the crack of dawn sequesters himself in a closet and cranks out the words. I admire that a lot.

DS did you ever get any fan mail? Did you ever get any reviews that you thought were crap?

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This is all really fascinating actually--so it's a very similar situation as down here BUT the leader isn't a minority, and the country was spared the worst of the financial bubble so presumably they're not as screwed as the rest of us, and STILL this kind of intentional blindness and right-wing pigheadedness prevails. What gives? Is it reflecting a shift in media ownership, that is skewing our perceptions and opinions to accept more extremist agendas as "the norm"? Or something in the water?