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Having read the whole speech, I don't think Jindal is advocating abandoning Washington. What it appears he's advocating is a message favoring a "download" of power out of DC and to the states - whether by use of block grants, elimination of programs, cutting bureaucracies and so forth.

It's a familiar small-government message, but what it focuses on is making government more local and accountable and eliminating the impact of what everybody knows is a corrupt system in DC.

Jindal doesn't mention either, but if you're familiar with the theory put forth by James Piereson at AEI about how we're on the verge of a fundamental shift in the model of American government or by some of the things Bill Whittle has been saying at PJTV about how we have an industrial-age government for an information-age society and that's unsustainable you can see the influences in that thinking on this speech.

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Or perhaps a counterattack. If these clowns are going to publish the location of where they assemble, then the solution is to go there and rout them out where they are.

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Let's all thank the parents of these punks for doing such a bang-up job of raising self-reliant young adults.

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On how many different levels does Obama's asinine analogy fail?

How about all of them?

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If that's not the worst show on TV I don't know what is.

I admire Andrew's willingness to enter the lion's den, but it almost comes off as a lack of standards to go on the tube with Maher and his lefty friends.

And now I know why McCain's campaign was so awful in 2008 seeing McKinnon. He's a shockingly dim bulb.

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Big Dummy?

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Love the speech, love the book, definitely on board with the mission.

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It's so bad as to call into question why the Republicans are bothering to attempt negotiations with Obama. Shut the government down and force him to join the world of reality.

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Well, perhaps Joshua doesn't get out much.