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There are two aspects of the law - the "letter of the law", and the "intent of the law". And all too often the Conservation officers either are not trained to recognize "intent", or simply lack the common sense to distinguish the difference between the two.
Conservation agencies in particular throughout the nation seem terminally afflicted with with the "enforcement at any cost" mindset. If an individual is caught breaking a conservation law, no matter how altruistic their motives, or in many cases, simply ignorance, it is rare that that individual will be found not guilty by a court.
If this country's criminal laws were as rigidly enforced as are the Conservation laws, there would be a precipitous drop in the crime rate, and our society would be far, far the better for it.

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Regardless whether the Kenyan gets a second term, Boehner has capitulated in the face of victory by failing to hold the line and not giving the Kenyan another 2 trillion to piss away as he has the 1st trillion, and thereby aided and abetted his election chances.
Boehner has sold out this country and proven himself to be as much a spineless GOP - Gutless Old P(fill in the blank) - in the mold of the RINO in the Senate McConnell.
Had he held the line (how hard was that?), the entire mess - the 'default', the ratings cut and the rest would have been blamed on the Kenyan no matter how hard the spin was put to it.
And that would have proven disastrous for the Kenyan and the dems in 2012.

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And we can all thank Speaker Boehner for doing his part to help the Kenyan get a second term.
Wondered what was going on between Boehner and the Kenyan besides golf on all those weekends...........

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Thanks, 1cp.

I added the "b" omitted in support@intensedeate.com and fired off an email to them. Remains to be seen if they will provide an answer.

Personally, I'm more inclined to suspect some sort of glitch somewhere.

Curious coincidence that JofA dropped to the same 85 as me.

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I'm always bemused how the Make-Believe Media in this country are so quick to point out their right of free speech as guaranteed by the 1st amendment, but for years and years they have sought, by every means possible, to destroy the 2nd amendment, while either by ignorance or by malice, overlooking the hard fact that without the right to keep and bear, the rest of the Constitution is pretty much worthless.

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You're not alone in the vanishing status points

36 hours ago my status points were 92 when I made a 'reply' post and got 3 "thumbs up" for it.
Next time my status number came up it was 85, yet none of my numbers in my ID comments had changed.

What gives, Intense Debate Admin?

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May I suggest "pathetic" in your description as well, i.e. 'pathetically desperate' or perhaps 'desperately pathetic'?

Or maybe 'desperate and pathetic'?

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Very true.

I have never heard a Christian accidently refer to their "Muslim faith", nor a Muslim accidently refer to their "Christian faith".

Obama told off on himself.

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That HAS to be a rhetorical question.

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I would welcome a Chris Christie candidacy, likewise a Herman Cain, likewise a Sarah Palin, or any of the other up and coming conservatives that are emerging.

My favored is Sarah Palin, but I'm not dogmatic with that.