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there is no demand for liberal ideology, yet we continue to get it, actually there is a demand for liberal ideology by the non-productive socialist loser class, the LSD party (LIberal Socialist Democrats)

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a full time govt. employee...isnt that another definition of socialist

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The party of govt., the Liberal Socialist Democrats (LSD party) have figured out that the bureaucrats have become more powerful than the politicians, the POWER now resides with the entrenched political class, the public sector unions and all their customers/tax consumers. They have significant political clout in their numbers, some claim they are now the majority in American, an unproductive political class and Obama is their figurehead. And what makes this class of bureaucrats more powerful than politicians is they cant be fired, and their customers/social-leeches social programs will never be stopped primarily because if they arent effective the liberal solution is to throw more money at it, which further empowers this "class". The political class has figured out the game the POWER is in the bureaucracy.

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Its the burreaucracy, stupid.

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Bureaucrats have more power than politicians, govt. workers cant be fired but politicians can. The party of govt., the democrats, basically have figured this out and cater to the burreaucrats and those the bureaucrats dole out the plunder to.

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regarding the word trap of homophobia, phobia means fear, so the trap as i see it is that if you dont like homosexuality its only because you fear it. I personally dont find effeminite men to arouse fear in me, unless its fear of aids. My experience is that many homosexuals i have met i rarely like any of them because of how they act, but one shouldnt paint with a broad brush because i have know a kind helpful homosexual but for the most part most of them have been rotten liars.

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I hear the N-word coming out of black people's mouths way more than from the lips of whites...and thats a fact

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the govt. needs more money so they can fix things and make them more better, not for themselves but for us, thank god the govt is there for us, without the good people in govt. like Obama where would be...

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Michelle reminds me of an evil disney cartoon character, I'm glad i wasnt at that luncheon, i bet it was as interesting as the beer summit...

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but at least i dont have butt breath like you