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Michael Moore has friends...?

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He'll fit in well here...

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There's nothing to counterpoint you on. You still have failed to justify your statement that I proved illogical and are obviously in denial, not to mention that you have a knack for projection.

Sorry hon, but you should just put down the shovel!

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"I didn't answer your question because it is silly."

No, you didn't answer my question because you are incapable of being wrong. I've been down this road with you before, and it's always the same drivel and nonsense. I negated the relevance of your entire post with two sentences, and that made you angry. Just be honest, or are you incapable of that as well...?

"Sorry hon, but your admission that you believe history is subject to editorial enhancement is hilarious, and clearly shows you are a member of that Progressive club led by the current POTUS and the MSM. "

Please quote from any of my two posts that states "my admission that I believe history is subject to editorial enhancements." Those are your words, not mine "hon".

Feel free to cut & paste my words together if you're unable to locate this lie.

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I love it when people assume.

Your opinion on history is just that, as is mine. Do me a favor though, instead of trying to "school me" with your wealth of factual historical knowledge, just answer the question I posed to you in the beginning of my response to your initial post. And reserve the Alinsky style tactics for the enemy...You only discredit yourself by stooping to such a childish mentality.

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"not a shot was fired to take down the greatest enemy the USA had ever known... "

Really? What about the 6 million + a year spent on arming the mujahideen for almost the entire 80's and our training of their insurgent forces? I suppose that doesn't count as "not a shot fired"...

Also, the USSR was about to go bankrupt anyway due to the staggering costs of fighting in Afghanistan. Reagan was just the straw that broke the camels back, per se. When he started the space race, Gorbachev knew there was no way the USSR could financially keep up. And if Reagan hadn't lifted the grain embargo implemented by Carter, the Russians could have starved to death! Instead Reagan lifted that embargo and hit them with drastic shifts in oil prices, which consequently hit them in the pocket book.

And it's strange that STILL people don't know the difference between Isolationism and Non-Interventionism...

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"The Occupy movement is dangerous and they know it."

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups...

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I know of one sure fire way for Obama to not get elected. Too bad it will never happen...

All persons receiving welfare, in one form or another, will not be allowed to vote as it's an obvious conflict of interest.

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Nobody has ever made the claim that these "people" were smart.

I think that's more apparent now than ever...

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Mr. Sessions should expect a visit from the "truth squads" real soon...

Obama can't have people, especially politicians, spreading dis-information about his budget, no matter how valid it may be...