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Can you spot the media bias?

AP reporter MARY CLARE JALONICK - " House Republicans have temporarily blocked legislation to feed school meals to thousands more hungry children. "

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Congratulations to the Big G and Andrew Breitbart! This is what journalism is supposed to be, reporting the TRUTH.

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Omg that's frackin' hilarious!!!!!!!!

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"People on the left are constantly asking Andrew Breitbart who funds his “operation.” It’s grown to become rather amusing, actually."

They are projecting. When someone constantly accuses you of doing something without evidence, that's a Big Red Flag.

The Big Sites don't need donations. The Big Sites are REAL not ASTROTURF like the lefties accuse it of being, over and over and over. Again - projection.

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"The new rule, announced by the three-member National Mediation Board, would recognize a union if a simple majority of workers who cast ballots approve organizing. The previous rule required a majority of the entire work force to favor unionizing. That meant workers choosing not to vote at all were effectively treated as "no" votes. "

Combined with Card Check:
"Those who oppose card check argue it strips workers of their right to a secret ballot. They also argue that even though gathering a majority of card signers might imply that a secret ballot would be unnecessary, signers could be coerced to sign through intimidation and pressure, making it an inaccurate mechanism for determining employee support for unionization."

Will be a disaster for the economy and business and the little guy. I can't stand this "president" and I can't stand this congress. They are so 60's. Libs never grow up and union rubes always believe they are being taken advantage of by The Man. Grow up. Please.

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Maybe Bill Ayers was feeling nostalgic for the old days.

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I thought Obama was funny, a nice change from hearing him berate everyone who disagrees with him. He blew Leno away. Conan would have brought down the house.

The world is upside down.

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HeeLarious! Actually most WaPo readers probably thought nothing of this, except possibly "Nice picture of Malcolm X, I sure do miss him."

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The woman is a total and complete idiot, and it speaks volumes about her followers. She is indeed a racist.

Has anyone EVER seen her in anything other than an African mu mu?