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Ha I actually watched and loved GLOW (Betty Gilpin is perfect and I am so sad about it’s un-renewal). It’s just actual WWE that he is very into and I mock constantly lol. Heel turn is a useful term though!

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Love this review, Mark. Obviously I wish you couldn’t write it, but it is beautiful and I’m glad this show feels true and helps even a little bit as you’re dealing with your own grief. It’s pretty incredible.

My notes:
Pregnant Jane flashback!
Maybe the best title yet?
“Is Jane right next to you?” Okay even when she is, Petra, Rafael can still make his own choices!
Oh boy, Jane, those tweets are a little out of control. Edit them down!
I would like to never see Magda and Anezka again.
(Hey that product placement wasn’t bad I will give them that!)
Wow Rogelio is holding that grudge!
Petra is speaking my language! Get Magda the f out of here!
Oh poor Krishna. Good move getting a raise! You 1000% deserve it.
Mark is on the same wavelength as the Narrator lol.
Raf and Jane are in a groove and I like it.
Fabian’s heel turn here doesn’t thrill me! Why is he straight up evil all of a sudden?? (Also wow I can’t believe I used a WWE term I can never tell my husband he’s gotten to me lol).
It’s kind of a big deal, but not Rafaels fault.
Kb vf evtug nobhg Ebtryvb ohlvat gubfr obbxf gbb, vfa’g fur? V trahvaryl pna’g erzrzore fbzrgvzrf orpnhfr guvf fubj zbirf fb snfg, ohg V guvax ur qbrf!
In no way am I touched by Anezka talking to Scott. Gross.
Fully cried over thank you for teaching me to be brave. I still love them!!
I guess I appreciate this too late effort from Fabian, especially since it led to that beautiful scene with Isabelle Allende.
Noooo, Adam! I give him like 3% credit for thinking about the fact that he shouldn’t be in her physical memories of this night, but still, ugh!!

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Yikes this car accident looks so bad. Villanueva’d lol
Yessss bisexual Adam! (Also because this is Tyler posey, this reveal also always brings up unresolved angry feelings about Teen Wolf’s queer baiting problems grrrr. Not fair, but he was on this show around the time I was either extremely into or angrily quitting the show so they’re linked in my mind lol).
Jane, say the thing! You and Rafael need to be okay.
Oh boy, Lina. Lotta pressure on Jane. “What the hell is a dowager?” Made me laugh out loud. Xo is totally right about what Jane should say by the way, way too much possible downside.
Also correct about a vasectomy being very practical!
Jane you’re making this so weird.
Danny is a giant dork, but in a cute way! Okay the accountant thing is less cute and makes no sense.
Xo using his rivalry with Esteban is clever.
Family shows up ❤️
Danny, you should tell the BFF about the surprise if you’re not sure your fiancée will like it! This is a great plan though.
The accents.... wow haha.
Poor Luisa.
On the bathroom floor again ❤️
Jesus this telenovela is really pushing the stuck in her body story. I’m tired of it and I don’t have to watch the show!
Fuck, Magda and Anezka are just the worst!!

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Wow, no pressure on this ceremony at all!
Oh poor Marc Anthony lol.
Michael is not wrong about Jane being an easy crier at all (and I love her for it).
Rafael and Jane are so snuggly.... shipping is coming back full force!! I do love that Petra knows enough to know she should be suspicious of Jane.
Darci, you are terrible for putting Jane in the middle of this!
Xo look so beautiful I’m so sad she doesn’t get to wear the dress later :(
Alba and Michael reminding me of my favorite wedding moment ❤️😭
Xo, you are not wrong at all to postpone, this is a huge thing to work through (also I know they have to work with the tv production schedule and all :) but it does stretch disbelief a little bit that they wouldn’t delay with an entire hurricane happening... just saying).
Luisa, what planet are you on? Of course Raf is still furious at you!
Shit, totally forgot about the real Eileen.
Luisa, very cool to brag about breaking HIPPA, and Rafael is totally right to not feel bad at all for lying, however the mental illness shots were unnecessary and really low.
Xo’s moment of realization about Rogelio was really nice, despite my later complaints about them not postponing lol.
(You can thank climate change for that rapid intensification, btw!)
Two sisters who really never, ever needed to meet yikes.
I respect the need to include a bus ride, but... it wouldn’t actually be running in this, right?
“Not meant to be, but choose to be.” Perfect ❤️ I do tear up at this ceremony every time.
Chuck, I have no investment in a single thing you’re saying.
Poor Petra though :( I prefer to think of this as Petra choosing her friendship with Jane and how far they’ve come over a possible relationship with Rafael.
I feel like Jane is weirdly in the same place Raf was with Petra-she shouldn’t say anything unless she’s really sure about these feelings given what a bomb it would set off in all her relationships.
I really think you’re better off walking away from the Marbella, just be done with Luisa as quickly as possible.
Hi, Tyler Posey!!

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Unrelated to this episode or even this show, but I know people here will appreciate this. I’m in a (virtual) training and another participant is named Tami Taylor!! I geeked out a little lol

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Damn it, Narrator, just tell me who it is! I legitimately can’t remember!
Okay Jane, happily ever after still works.
Yessss, Xo, you absolutely deserve the princess. Lol the meta comment about the TV schedule.
Okay, Raf, a little passive aggressive! Also no, Jane, you shouldn’t encourage either way. You should listen! As her friend!
Aright, not a fan of Jean Luc! Jane is correct to intervene, you guys are better off without them. Oh boy Jane this is a lot to take on though.
Luisa, you know if you want a better relationship with him, you cannot be with Rose! Those two things are incompatible and I do not get how you don’t see that.
Yikes that recap was terrible and definitely makes a compelling case for Petra and Rafael not trying again.
Alba, your rigid morals are very inconvenient sometimes.
Oh noooo, Rogelio.
Oh no, Petra, friend can only mean Jane, let’s be real. Hard to hear for Raf though.
Fabian, ugh. The “using me for horses” thing is... legit though. Not great.
Smart play, Rafael.
(We’re still saying ‘lady scientist’ on the show in a show, huh?)
Fabian, what the fuck.
Really wish they weren’t having this conversation in public wow. Seems kinda personal. Damn, Jane! Way to go! No messing with Rogelio’s face!
Petra probably had a really tough afternoon after hearing that call :(
All the kids were so cute!!! Aww, Jane, the tables really turned for you and Petra, huh?
Drunk Xo and Jane made me cry somehow. And then the Prince Charming stripper lol.
Awww, Jane and Petra and Rafael, lots of feelings there. I am glad Jane didn’t throw any roadblocks because of the sudden glow-y heart feelings. She’s drunk and it’s real complicated with her and Rafael, so definitely nothing to make impulsive moves with.

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I LOVE THIS IDEA SO MUCH!! I feel like it would be hysterical

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I agree the highlight of the episode was Rafael and Jane and Mateo talking before bed. Such a sweet, real moment, but also heightened of course by what they’re having to explain lol. But it’s also mixed with just a little bittersweet that they’ve clearly got coparenting down and are basically doing what they told the mediator they wanted... and Mateo still wishes they could just be like a “normal” family. I’m also sure Jane can relate, given how much she wanted to know her dad and live a little more “normally.” :( ugh so many feelings!!!!!

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Literally just remembered when Mark said it that this season is shorter and not 22 episodes yikes.
Yep, the shaming wasn’t really helpful, Alba!
Did not watch SATC so this means very little but is still funny lol.
Rogelio and Xo are so wonderful ❤️ Oh but Rogelio, no need to name drop Elon Musk yuck!
I had forgotten they got married before somehow lol.
Awww, Fabian, trying so hard (I feel like we established burning books is bad, but still... yep he’s definitely attracted I believe him lol).
Oh, Mateo, this is such a series of questions lol, smart kid though!
Love that survival instinct of Petra’s so much right now. No hesitation about hitting Chuck over the head! Still don’t trust him at all and am glad the police got there.
Time-honored ice cream distraction! Plus you and Rafael should talk together about how to explain this.
Yay, Xo and Jane! Oh god, grandmas blocking this fling everywhere.
Alba’s wig ahhhhh!
LOTS of pressure on this conversation with Xo and Alba’s competing views of sexuality! Obviously I’m on Team Xo, and I like that Jane is honest with Alba that this wasn’t the best message for a child.
Xo and Ro not wanting to hurt Jane noooo *sobs* such good parents.
Fabian doing the Tom Cruise lol. Aww Fabian. Also Raf giving Jane subtle shit about Fabian’s moment with Mateo was real funny.
“Like a miracle?” ❤️❤️❤️ Pretty much, kiddo!
Millennial parents everywhere can relate to texting over/around the kid who needs to go to sleep lol.
The priest blessing the cleavage was inspired.
Xo and Alba! Alba and Jorge! Xo and Ro getting a big wedding!! Love is everywhere and it’s wonderful!
Go Jane!! I also loooved Xo talking her into it (after making totally sure this is what she wants) and Jane bragging to Rafael about it immediately after. So great.

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I thought of you immediately when Rogelio got to talk about missing Michael lol I’m so glad they brought it up too though. Rogelio and Michaels friendship was mainly played for laughs but it was still real and meaningful! Also yesss to Manny Jacinto as Fabian holy shit he would have been perfect! Also I’d like him to be in everything so this works in that way too lol.