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That scene in the tent is my absolute favorite of the whole show. I actually had it in my head that it was the first time they said I love you* because it was so meaningful to me, but I had forgotten that Jane blurts it out after JR doesn't like her lol. That scene is absolute perfection though and you see them both work even harder at their friendship afterwards!! Damn, I love them so much.

*Also Jane and Petra saying I love you was a bigger moment to me than anytime Jane and Rafael did despite my serious shipping for Jane and Raf lol.

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I HAD NEVER SEEN THIS AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I was fine and then getting to Mendez looking at the child actor for Mateo at the table read made me tear up. Ugh, Jane the Virgin, you still get me after all this time.

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HA yes Rafael should apologize every single time they get on a plane for ever saying that (probably a few extra just to be safe lol).

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Yay I'm so glad you've enjoyed the show as a whole and that the finale felt right for you! I am assuming Mateo is queer and I love him being the narrator SO MUCH! Someone at Mark Spoils actually had that theory back when the show was airing but the reveal was still a total delight. In a weird way, it also feels like confirmation that Mateo is doing fine as an adult. I never really doubted it with such a wonderful family, and it's not like we got a ton of glimpses into the Narrator's life, but having him be part of this story all this time just gives me the warm fuzzies to imagine adult Mateo getting to tell the story of his family with all its twists and turns <3

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Ahhhhh I'm back!!! (kind of!). I'm so sad, I got so far behind in watching and commenting around the election and then IntenseDebate and I are in a major fight about if I can log into my account from my phone (I'm using my work computer now shhhh don't tell). I haven't re-watched this week's episodes so I don't have specific memories of these episodes, but wanted to comment anyway because I actually managed to log in!! And I'm hoping to get these episodes watched so I can comment over the holiday :) I will say I was absolutely FLOORED by the plot twist of bringing Michael back at the end of season 4. This time around, I kept yelling at the screen when they talked about amnesia thinking it was too obvious lol. As soon as I saw him though, I knew he had to really be Michael (it's too easy for Jane if it's not him) and once it was clear he had amnesia, I was extremely confident he'd get his memories back at some point. Can't say I was happy about it, but I knew that would be the way the show would go lol. I have been super impressed by Brett Dier's performance this time through though-he does a great job making Jason very different than Michael to the point where it's almost hard to believe they're the same person when Jason is watching videos of Michael! He does it for a much briefer time, but that's what I would call Nina Dobrev skills :)

Also Xo having cancer is a truly heartrending storyline that was brutal to watch but beautifully done. Andrea Nevado did an AMAZING job.

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So many nuns!! Every time Petra/Jane came up I wanted to yell JUST WAIT Hahahaha so glad we’re here :)

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Happy Birthday (a day late) Mark!!!

Jane and Rafael had such a smart plan... but Mateo ruined that plan!
Who cares about JK Rowling? Turns out she really sucks! I feel so bad though, it would have been nice for it to be easy for her.
But.... but brunch! (I know, what Petra did was Very Bad and I get why they’re mad I am just very attached to family brunches!)
Krishna, be as snotty as you want, you deserve to be 100%.
Way to go, Ro, but it is very clear you’re having trouble adjusting.
Subtle hints of Petra trying to get back into the family’s good graces.
This actor is distractingly hot, totally agree.
Oh god this lunch, poor Jane. You’re not wrong that she should be less transactional though. And seriously the Krishna of it all is ugh.
The Ivanka comparison was terrible.
Lol I know it’s for set reasons but it totally works for me that her internal setting for this is the Marbella.
Awww, Petra crying about Jane is Petra’s conscience! You can’t cancel brunch! Jane doubling the price for ghostwriting and Petra respecting it was SO GREAT.
I think this was smart of Jane and Rafael. Lying isn’t good, but this is clearly what Mateo needs.

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Oh I totally thought the same about Elijahs parents and actually still kind of do! I know they didn’t admit it, but it just makes sense to me that it helped them realize Jane and Rafael were lying but they decided not to trust them with their own secret right away either. It’s just always been my head canon.

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Ha I actually watched and loved GLOW (Betty Gilpin is perfect and I am so sad about it’s un-renewal). It’s just actual WWE that he is very into and I mock constantly lol. Heel turn is a useful term though!

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Love this review, Mark. Obviously I wish you couldn’t write it, but it is beautiful and I’m glad this show feels true and helps even a little bit as you’re dealing with your own grief. It’s pretty incredible.

My notes:
Pregnant Jane flashback!
Maybe the best title yet?
“Is Jane right next to you?” Okay even when she is, Petra, Rafael can still make his own choices!
Oh boy, Jane, those tweets are a little out of control. Edit them down!
I would like to never see Magda and Anezka again.
(Hey that product placement wasn’t bad I will give them that!)
Wow Rogelio is holding that grudge!
Petra is speaking my language! Get Magda the f out of here!
Oh poor Krishna. Good move getting a raise! You 1000% deserve it.
Mark is on the same wavelength as the Narrator lol.
Raf and Jane are in a groove and I like it.
Fabian’s heel turn here doesn’t thrill me! Why is he straight up evil all of a sudden?? (Also wow I can’t believe I used a WWE term I can never tell my husband he’s gotten to me lol).
It’s kind of a big deal, but not Rafaels fault.
Kb vf evtug nobhg Ebtryvb ohlvat gubfr obbxf gbb, vfa’g fur? V trahvaryl pna’g erzrzore fbzrgvzrf orpnhfr guvf fubj zbirf fb snfg, ohg V guvax ur qbrf!
In no way am I touched by Anezka talking to Scott. Gross.
Fully cried over thank you for teaching me to be brave. I still love them!!
I guess I appreciate this too late effort from Fabian, especially since it led to that beautiful scene with Isabelle Allende.
Noooo, Adam! I give him like 3% credit for thinking about the fact that he shouldn’t be in her physical memories of this night, but still, ugh!!