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So what I remember from my (now lost) pre-written comment was thinking it was hilarious that Jane and Michael assumed they could have sex if she just “did all the work,” as it were lol. But it sucks that they still have to wait :( I also remember fully agreeing with Rafael that their original preschool would be too Jesus-y for me and I like the new dynamic between the two of them now that he’s really committed to getting over her! Oh yeah, and Michael getting unexpectedly emotional at an unrelated moment really got to me :( I think he seriously thought he was handling it all fine, but it makes sense now that he’s more physically recovered that he would realize the full magnitude of what happened and what so easily could have happened.

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I had a computer catastrophe in the middle of one of the videos for next week so my comments have been lost sadly but this episode is Devastating. I agree that the flashbacks are not that charming for Michael! But Jane and Patricia’s grief and fear in the present is so affecting.

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Awwww, Jane calling Rafael to their room for Mateo walking is so wonderful! She is so wholeheartedly thrilled about life, it is so fun to see (and then.. Very sad considering the ending)

Rogelio is SO MUCH about this wedding lol.

I am 1000% with Jane, $1700 is waaaaay above the 'run it by the spouse' number, I'm having anxiety just thinking about it.

Mateo was SUCH A DREAMBOAT. Alba bought the veil at a FLEA MARKET I LOVE THIS.

Michael made a list!!! Not going to lie (and still here for Jane and Rafael!!), but this conversation is adorable and romantic in all the ways.

And now Jane is cutting this SO CLOSE and I am SO STRESSED. Why wouldn't you just change at the church???

Always the bus for Jane lol. Jane is lucky Michael is so understanding though, because I would have been flipping the fuck out. Not that I don't appreciate how important her thesis is of course! And on the plus side, weddings never start on time anyway, right?

Again, always here for Jane and Rafael, but I am very glad this last minute confession isn't real. Jane knew what she was doing when she chose Michael, when she accepted the proposal, all of it. She's known you were an option, Raf. I know it sucks though :(

(Yes, I do cry when Michael says his vows in Spanish, I have a heart!!) and now, GO HAVE SEX, JANE HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Oh no, Petra :( :( But babies giggling makes pretty much everything better.

Yes, of course Rogelio choreographed a whole dance for them lol. Their dance is perfect, though, from the emotional part to the fun cheesy part.

I just… really love Xo and Ro so much. This conversation is so sad, but I want them to work out so badly!!

I HATE THIS PETRA ANEZKA SITUATION SO MUCH HOW DARE YOU ANEZKA???? I haaaate that she has sex with Rafael sooooo much yuck yuck yuck so many horrible consent problems.

Jesus so many things in about two minutes. My brain hurts and I knew what was coming!!

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Mateo's first birthday is far too intense especially so close to the wedding. Good thing she is master of All the Lists.

YAY Petra and Jane making up <3 <3 <3 I also like Jane basically teaching Petra how functional relationships work when there's a fight. Plus "Family shows up.' <3 <3 love love love. On the other hand, the competition between Jane and Petra about what Rafael should do is SO UNCOMFORTABLE.


So I get where Professor Donaldson is coming from, but there's also no guarantee there will be a next time to have someone that big read your work!

Jane is right, Rogelio! Get them better working conditions and they won't need to strike. You're the star, executive producer, etc, etc.

(Jane, no one needs entertainment at a first birthday party, Alba is right).

Okay, Jane, you called Petra family a few hours ago, referring to her as corrupting Rafael isn't exactly in line with that!

Rogelio having to do manual labor and figure out how much is involved in making his show work is great.

Petra and Rafael's acting at each end of the elevator ride is very impressive. The recording device part though…. Didn't go as well. Huge bummer.

Poor Mateo :( :( (I also appreciate how far everyone has come in these relationships that Michael doesn't hesitate to leave Jane and Rafael at the hospital. Generally that wouldn't be noteworthy, but obviously there is a lot of complicated history here… and obviously current feelings on one side. But Michael totally trusts Jane, and he should! I like that!)


Yael Grobglas shouldn't be allowed to be this good. Aneshka as Petra, then acting like Aneshka again… it's so much.

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Awwww, I forgot!! Petra put together a Mother's Day brunch for the whole family!! I LOOOOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! Nyfb erzvaqf zr gung snzvyl oehapu vf tbvat gb or n guvat fbba rabhtu!! lnllll

The good news is that Rogelio and Esteban competing always makes them both look ridiculous!

I appreciate that Donaldson is on her side! The only one of those things that was even partly her fault was bringing Mateo, which was understandable!

Ahhh the tension between Petra and Jane. They handle parenting differently and Petra has soooo much insecurity about Jane being a better mother. It's sad but totally understandable, and I just love how this relationship keeps developing so much!! Petra calls Jane her FRIEND!! And then Aneshka tries to ruin it :( :( :( She didn't even say what Aneshka said she did! (It was a little bit implied, but still!) And unfortunately, Petra is a little too used to doing terrible things for her family…

Derek suuuucks.

Oh, Jane, you tried so hard to be there for Rogelio. It's sweet to hear Jane admit that she wanted Xo and Ro together too.

Jane, you shouldn't have even told Michael to begin with!! On the other hand, they're about to be married, so….

ROGELIO, YOU DID SO GOOD!!! (But also, Rafael, what the hell?? You helped with this and then didn't think to do ~anything~ for Petra?!?!) This is actually a really nice moment for Aneshka and Petra-not only does she sense the awkward and fix it, but she also compliments her in a really genuine way-she doesn't act like Petra is all over every aspect of being a mom, but she really does work hard to give her kids a good life very far from what she grew up with.

Nooooo, Jane, don't be so mad at Petra :( :( I want you guys to be friends so badly!!

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Mark, I still love Pokemon Go as well! (I don't pay for the Go Fest passes, but I fully understand why people do, it is fun!)

That is a VERY LARGE picture of Michael on the front page yiiiikes. That said, my first instinct is that they are totally right about the conflict of interest. I also don't really believe that they would print the picture of the dead body??

I am glad Petra is feeling better towards the girls, and I giggle at the 'I changed a diaper a couple days ago, so I'm good.' If I had that option… I might say the same, can't lie :)

Hope Chepa got paid for the whole time she was supposed to watch Mateo! Not her fault Jane interrupted.

No surprise that Rogelio is a fan of nepotism lol but it does work out for Xiomara. A sex sniff should not be a thing though, even for someone as attractive as Jaime Camil.

A silent film version of their first kiss!!! I love it so much!!!

Okay this vacation question bugged me the first time, so I'm glad I get the chance to write this out. Of course while Mateo is very small, she is uncomfortable with him being away for a month! But he's going to get older! He'll be able to communicate with her on the phone, by Facetime, by text! That's not to say it would be easy for her not to see him for a month when he's 16, but much easier than now when he's not even one! (Also, if he's like most teenagers.. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad lol). You could make the agreement that it's a week until age 12! There's also room for compromise between a week and a month! Sorry, I clearly had a lot of feelings lol. I do love Michael being a voice of reason and reminding Jane they both have Mateo's best interests at heart, and I really believe he means it, which is a very nice change of attitude towards Rafael.

This extremely entitled white mom is TERRIBLE. I do like how it ends up helping Jane come to a compromise with Rafael and realize that Mateo travelling in Europe for a month is a great opportunity (I would be very jealous).

Oooh I love how Petra and Jane's relationship is complicated and back and forth, even though I love them getting along so much! I get where that moment of jealousy comes from (fair to say that Petra isn't totally over Rafael), but even then she pulls it back and says she's been terrible and Jane hasn't deserved what Petra has done! I do not like how Aneshka is handling Petra's complicated feelings though!

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Yiiiikes, Xo and Jane are being brutal with each other! Bailing on watching Mateo, throwing that Xo hasn’t moved out yet in her face… Not good at all!!!

What is good? Michael and Jane's banter about him watching Mateo. He asks for MORE DETAIL so he can make sure babysitting goes right! Mateo's noise when she says she's getting turned on is SO DAMN FUNNY. That scene is so cute and wholesome I can't even deal.

Rafael, ummm, using the $5 million you got from insider trading is probably not a great plan if that's what you're thinking!!!

Mateo saying 'dada' to Michael is VERY TERRIBLE AND AWKWARD AND I DO NOT LIKE IT. Jane is totally right that they're easy syllables for a baby, but this is already a fear of Rafael's, so this is extremely bad!!

Once again, people are bringing things to Jane's work that don't belong there WITHOUT ASKING and I don't love it!!!

Jane is on a roll of being extremely, brutally honest. Not sure it's going to pay off, but it was fun to watch!

Magda, continuing to be THE ABSOLUTE FUCKING WORST.

"No one cares about science" is not a great line to hear right now, Rogelio!!

(Not sure the salsa lessons metaphor works to be honest).

"I'm crying, but I don't want to be, so just ignore it." Damn, have I been there, Jane!!! It's the worst.

Uh oh…. Bad glowing heart alert!!! And Petra, sending away your sister was a bad idea even if she (unintentionally) messed up this deal!

Rogelio is very terrible to everyone he works with in this episode, we all see that, right? Not great! It's sweet that Dina likes how much he cares about the family, but… he still treated you pretty badly, not to mention the off-screen Tiago writers!

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SO in agreement on the bachelorette party-even in her office that was a huge risk that seemed unlikely to pay off!

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My mom and mother in law were at my bachelorette party lol I realize that makes me odd. I would not have wanted her there if I thought I would have to babysit her though.

I LOVE THAT MICHAEL RECORDED THAT VOICE I LOOOOVE IT. Of course, Michael's best Brogelio should be there! (My father was also at my brother-in-law's bachelor party so, again, not the best gauge of what's weird here).

OH NO as soon as he reminded Jane to be professional I remembered what was going to happen oh god the secondhand embarrassment nooooooo. Oh my god I truly can't believe Lina and Xo thought this was a good idea even without knowing she would be in a class. Ugh, I really do not love this bachelorette party situation-don't ignore boundaries!!! She was very clear! She would be within her rights to be super pissed and have zero fun at this party! I'm glad she's not, but I would not be that gracious. (PS, Petra should clearly have been invited, Jane is closer to her than any of those other randos!) (Not Lina and Xo of course).

Michael is such a good sport about this bachelor party.

Oh poor Lina :(

So much secondhand embarrassment in this episode oh my god when Michael says he doesn't want Rogelio there it is terrible. (Not sure why his friends couldn't have realized the party wasn't so bad TEN MINUTES EARLIER though).

Wooof, Xiomara making out with Chad is a super ugly moment. This does feel weirdly out of nowhere though, I mean, I feel like this was not the Xo we've seen in a season and a half. She's been messy at times, but even some of the moments that looked the 'worst' from the outside (Xo dancing to Milkshake at Jane's quincenera) turned out not to be what they seemed. Given what they showed, I think Jane needed to say what she did to Xo, I'm just not sure it's been earned beyond this episode.

HOLY SHIT I'M GLAD I HAD MARK'S REACTION FOR THIS VIDEO THAT WAS GREAT LOL. Yeah… Petra would never let her hair look like that :)