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(Hence why I have somewhere along the lines of sixteen unfinished fanfics sitting in my DropBox; I can start them, but I can’t end them. Several actually have perfectly good endings, I just keep wanting to write what happens next.

I have the same problem with my fics as well. I actually started sequels for some of them even though the original stories aren't finished yet, because I already know where the will end and where I want to continue them. I swear though, one of these days I'm going to actually finish a fanfic, even if it's at the expanse of a thousand other ideas.

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Cas was just so wonderful the entire episode. First he was completely depressed and hopeless and then he Molotov'ed Michael with the most awkward insult ever. I love this guy so much, which scares me because he has died several times now and I'm sure one of these days he's going to stay dead.
But for now, he's new and improved and I hope that means we will see a lot of him in future seasons.

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That is, that the doctors thought that Cas was brain dead before he woke up(or, as is more likely, before he returned to his body). Meaning Jimmy's soul is gone and Cas is alone in there..

Damn, I didn't even consider this and now I even more sad about Cas becoming human. Poor Jimmy; though maybe it's better for him than living through the apocalypse. I wonder if Cas felt him die, that has to be traumatising even for an angel.

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I'm also now more convinced than ever that Bobby is not going to survive the season finale.

This! The very moment Bobby stood up from the wheelchair all I could think was "Oh god, he's going to die".
There is no way he will survive the finale now; good things don't just happen to people without a price on Supernatural.

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I guess it never occurred to Bobby to throw in getting his legs back as part of the deal.

I think that's understandable for two reasons; Crowley was the one to suggest the deal, so it's not as if Bobby had a chance to think it through and maybe try to get more out of the bargain when what he needed most at the moment was already on the table. Also it seemed to me that he was slowly coming to terms with his disability, which makes this almost a cruel gift.

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Crowley taking a pic of his and Bobby's kiss turns even better when you know that actually, that's Mark Sheppard's real phone. And he still has the picture.

Wow, that's hilarious! I just love these behind-the scenes trivia, thanks for telling us!

What surprised me was that Mark saw this as a playing queerness for laugh moment. I interpreted it as a "having to kiss your enemy" thing and would have found it just as funny if Crowely had been a woman.

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I hate that I kind of like Crowley because it makes me feel like I’m buying into what he’s saying. He’s a demon, he’s shifty, and I don’t trust him buuuuut I like him and I want to trust him.

I really hope Crowley end up being trustworthy, not that he wouldn't be interesting as a villain but he much more likely to survive a few more episodes if the Winchesters aren't intent on killing him. (Though of course the brother's allies die like flies, but at least then he would get an awesome memorable death and not just a knife to the gut.)

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"I'm glad there's 9 seasons" That's exactly what I thought as well when we started this. 'It can't be that bad/he can't die/there can't be an apocalypse yet, because there are still so many seasons left' Yea, right.
I mean, sure both Sam and Dean get resurrected all the time but somehow that never makes it seem as if they are "safe" nor does showing the end of the world so early feel like it can not possibly get worse in later seasons, because it can always get worse.

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How would Dean loaning his body to Michael be a bad idea? Michael promised him he wouldn’t leave him in bad shape – it would be like when Michael used John as a vessel. I just can’t understand their logic.

Because if Michael has a vessel he will kill Sam or at least Lucifer in Sam's body.

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I just love this scene so much. No matter how terrible it is to depict mental hospitals the way almost every tv show does, it was worth all the unpleasantness just to see this. The one time the Winchesters are honest with a stranger about their lives and the person they talk to immediately thinks they need help. It's hilarious and also a bit sad, because they really have a lot of issues they never talk about.

The doctor was fantastic as well, all calm and completely unfazed by their story, it would be so much fun to see his sessions with the brothers. Maybe the hunter community should hire him to help deal with their problems. :)