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This episode was just really emotionally satisfying. I like how, thematically at least, the writers keep going back to that idea of 'the problem is further back' and how past hurts (no matter how recent) can exacerbate an already painful situation. As soon as Rogelio told Xo about how he was feeling, that thread of the episode came right to the forefront and it brought a lot of nuance to the Jane-Rafael-Michael conflict that had been missing. Also highlighting, once again, that genuine communication is REALLY IMPORTANT.

On a side note: bleach can be pretty harsh and has fumes and all that so like, Magda making Petra help clean up the evidence was even worse cause there was no protective gear in sight. Not even gloves. :|

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I'd been meaning to watch Sad Football for years but it was only somewhat recently that I got access to Hulu and even discovered the show was on there. xD

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i'm just preparing myself for sadness at this point tbh

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me: *watches episode*
me: *rereads my jane the virgin induced theories*
also me:

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Love the rules and LOOOOVE the FNL reference of course.
Something took my attention away for a second and SOMEHOW I MISSED IT. (I finally finished it in May and I have Feelings.)

And this whole situation with Michael and Rafael is just w h y.


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Among all the things that I loved about this episode, that whole Solano curse plot line that started has me extremely nervous. Crossing my fingers that we find out where it's going sooner rather than later. :S :S :S

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Reading anything new has been...difficult, so mostly I've been listening to Tamora Pierce audiobooks, so a reread but in a new format? I finished Protector of the Small again at some point during this whole thing and now I'm on the Circle Opens quartet.

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As soon as Jane put the chocolate bar in her pocket, I knew in my soul that it was going to become a Problem later. What I did *not* anticipate was that it would build up to the true highlight of the episode.

As for other developments, maybe don't pick a fight with someone holding an infant? Just a thought? (Hello, things are very stressful.)

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This is a MASSIVE violation of consent, and as Jane and Rafael try to figure out which of the three scenarios they want of Petra, I couldn’t get this out of my head. SHE SHOULDN’T BE MAKING ANY DEMANDS!!! SHE STOLE SOMEONE’S SPERM AND INSEMINATED HERSELF!!!


It made me angry on a number of levels the first time around (calling it a "surprise" doesn't change the fact that nothing should be happening at all without Rafael's knowledge) so now that we're here again it's just like h o w.