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They are trying SO HARd to draw me back in. Real life (and lack of streaming access lbr) prevented me from watching all of Jodie's episodes but it was such a breath of fresh air after what made me stop watching.

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Well, now that I've seen episode 5:

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Speculation and slight spoilers through episode 4 just in case:

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I ended up starting Wheel of Time with my roommate and I'm actually really enjoying it? I haven't read the books (and I don't really have time to add a series of that length to what I'm already trying to read) but I'm pleasantly surprised with how engaging I find it so far.

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There are three movies I watch every October, and one of them is usually on Halloween: Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus and Coraline.

It used to time out that this was the month I would be able to read the most recent Toby Daye book, but it hasn't been lining up so nicely recently which is a shame lol.

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Have we encountered benders that aren't part of the main four groups before?
Yeah, back in The Swamp (2x04).

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Even now just seeing a nun makes me chuckle a little bit - and I'm pretty sure 'misty-eyed boytalk' was the origin for me coming up with gently mocking nicknames for things I'm watching/reading. It's been a minute since Korra but I remember getting a kick out of some of those memes so I'm glad you had fun making them.

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-That One Chapter of Trickster’s Queen

-‘snvgushy’ is the best rot13 and nothing can convince me otherwise

-Mark realizing that Briar Moss’ tattoos sound…familiar

-reading through my first set of reviews and thinking Mark might enjoy A:TLA and finding out the full series was already up

-honestly all of Protector of the Small

-That One Chapter of Feed

-the Supernatural comments were particularly fun: from the episode-by-episode nope charts to the ‘unhelpful spoiler words’ threads and some top-tier trolling of the racist ghost truck (never over it)

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Honestly the main thing that might get in the way of me participating here is if I'm wrong and my friend's account doesn't actually have the necessary subscription for me to watch. xD