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Ngl, I didn't see that Big Bird reveal coming. Obviously something was up with him but not being part of the zodiac anymore was not on my list of possibilities. Tbh, Kureno is one of my favorite zodiac members? Don't ask me why, maybe it's all the mystery that was built up early on.

I guess my wild theories about Kyoko are gonna have to wait til next season to be addressed if they ever are. I'm apparently good at grasping onto plots that never go anywhere lololol.

As for Akito, I can't say I was spoiled but just from observing some spoiler-free discussions I started paying closer attention to the way the translators avoided gendered language in a way that isn't always the case. So now moving forward for me the interesting thing will be looking at what breaking the curse actually means for Akito, whose abusive behaviors seem tied to the idea of a "magical bond" getting twisted to mean that that's the only way anyone will stick around. There's no way to finish the story without addressing that massive issue so I'm curious to see what will happen.

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A lot of my favorite moments in the show right now have to do with the way they show the family that's been built between around Mateo, Anna and Elsa. The twins obviously don't receive much screen time, but it's still clear that they are in each other's lives. And the way the writers have developed the dynamic between Jane, Petra and Rafael is so refreshing to me. But man, the deep friendship that Rafael and Jane share and the way they talk with Mateo really shines through.

Loved the Sex and the City references - even as a non-viewer I understood so many of them and Rogelio's headband was everything. (We're not talking about the hand sanitizer.)

Just gonna end this by saying that while I refuse to take things at face value but I'm willing to bet that that sketch is gonna look a lot like Luisa. I trust nothing.

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Asking for help is hard and to reach out but get turned away is a really horrible feeling on top of everything else. I know I'd be angry too, and I'm so sorry that happened.

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Not gonna lie, I cried when Xo proposed. It may be fictional but I really needed something good and that was it.

On a different note, I saw the initials JP and started trying to come up with characters with those initials. So I'm staring at Chuck (apparently) wondering if maybe it's him when it hits me that I couldn't come up with his initials because I literally did not know his name. It apparently went in one ear and out the other which

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Please tell me this means Luisa is going to *finally* say no to Rose once and for all. I would very much like that to happen.

The way this episode balanced some truly goofy moments (all those water fantasies lol) with the more emotional ones. It's no secret that Rogelio is one of my favorites but that moment where Xo pulled him aside was so needed and I loved it.

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I haven't seen it in years, but I watched the sequel somewhat recently and was surprised by how well it held up.

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Hmmmm, now I kinda want to go back and watch that bit again cause I remember thinking that line didn't really work...

Also, the whole time I was just like don't worry I can blame Akito enough for multiple people. I'm sure there's a backstory that will be explored but just wow. (Not to mention I just noticed the literal red-stained hands in the ending so....)

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Normally this is the sort of thing that makes me cringe, but for whatever reason I thoroughly enjoyed this. Watching Rafael try to be Jane's (well meaning but incredibly ineffective) wingman was *priceless*. And everything with Alba and Jorge was A++.

And the Honey I Shrunk the Kids reference! :D

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Well now I'm down in this rabbit hole as well so...

If nothing else, that talk would definitely serve as a jumping off point for more in-depth talks about consent?

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Everyone else has covered most of the bases, but yeah, just so good? I always love when Thoughtful Rogelio makes an appearance, and watching Alex help alleviate some of Rafael and Jane's fears was everything. Also, JANE AND PETRA HAVE COME SO FAR (and yes of course Rafael is *perfect* for Room Mom, omg.).