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Have we encountered benders that aren't part of the main four groups before?
Yeah, back in The Swamp (2x04).

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Even now just seeing a nun makes me chuckle a little bit - and I'm pretty sure 'misty-eyed boytalk' was the origin for me coming up with gently mocking nicknames for things I'm watching/reading. It's been a minute since Korra but I remember getting a kick out of some of those memes so I'm glad you had fun making them.

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-That One Chapter of Trickster’s Queen

-‘snvgushy’ is the best rot13 and nothing can convince me otherwise

-Mark realizing that Briar Moss’ tattoos sound…familiar

-reading through my first set of reviews and thinking Mark might enjoy A:TLA and finding out the full series was already up

-honestly all of Protector of the Small

-That One Chapter of Feed

-the Supernatural comments were particularly fun: from the episode-by-episode nope charts to the ‘unhelpful spoiler words’ threads and some top-tier trolling of the racist ghost truck (never over it)

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Honestly the main thing that might get in the way of me participating here is if I'm wrong and my friend's account doesn't actually have the necessary subscription for me to watch. xD

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Oooo, actually joining the liveblogs might be difficult for me but I'll definitely keep this in mind once I've given the first episode a go

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I would like to give a shoutout to that delightfully synth-y bit of the score that plays as Mulan makes her decision and disguises herself. Does it fit the movie overall? No idea, but it's my favorite. True to Your Heart is also a delight and my roommate's reaction earlier this year upon finding out that it was by 98 Degrees and Stevie Wonder and that it was from this movie was truly hilarious.

Honorable mention: "They just popped out of the daisies!"

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It's coming up on ten years since I first discovered these sites and I can honestly say that nothing has been as influential in my internet experience as this community. The start of the Tamora Pierce books was what pushed me to start commenting and that and Supernatural were where I really started getting involved. There have been so many times over the years where things got rough and having something to look forward to made all the difference. Honestly, following along with Jane the Virgin as a first-time viewer last year was something I didn't know I needed as much as I did. I will definitely miss having future shows/books to look forward to but there's such a huge backlog (Mark, you have written SO MUCH over the years) that I'm excited to dive into some new stories. Well, once I finish Fringe that is.

So congratulations on everything you've accomplished on these sites, it's really incredible. The next thing you watch (or read), I hope you enjoy the freedom of just watching it for yourself. And I hope you enjoy having real weekends again! (Having two days off is necessary and utterly life-changing and no one can convince me otherwise.) And then when you're ready, I look forward to whatever it is you choose to put out into the world next.

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s o o n

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I survived. Surprisingly well, actually.

Edit: As I'm sitting on it I keep remembering bits and pieces that I really liked and my absolute favorite bit was just watching Hanajima and Uotani talk with Kyo and offering him their trust with their best friend. T_T