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Arm bans are not necessary, the green card will do to prove being LEGALLY here.
What part of ILLEGAL do you have so much of a problem with?

By the way since you are not 'Barry exempt from all rules and laws', maybe you should actually read the wording of the bill prior to condemning it.

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Oh the Brave and Edgy Comedy Central!
Standing up to the bullies in the playground, just like a 5'5" 160lb eighth grade boy taking the lunch money of the 4'3" 76lb new fourth grader.
There is Brave and then there is Bravado. ..CC demonstrates one of these traits.

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Governor O'malley raised the sales tax in MD. The residents travel to DE (no sales tax) for shopping sprees and big ticket items.He extended the sales tax to services as well as goods and many small service business' left the state
.Consumers are like water they seek the lowest level (taxes).

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"Why inflame people who then take your words and use them as a justification for murder?"
So what you are saying is we all should just 'Shut Up.'
Don't think so.
"All that is necessary for Evil to Triumph-- is for Good Men to do nothing."

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Your name is appropriate UR a BM.
One with no humor and small of brain.
There is also no indication of his having a job, a sponsor for citizenship, or friends in this country.

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Speaking Facts in the Light of Day-------good job.

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Now we don't even wait for the History Books to come out before we start rewriting History.
To think that with all the information available today that History can be rewritten before our very eyes and no one will even notice.
So is there a reason, behind the given reason, why the government wants to control the internet?

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When Personality and Charisma are more highly valued than Character and Integrity you get weak willed leaders.
When PC is more highly valued than Truth you get misleading Fairy Tales and Lies.

Time for Countries to vote into office Mature people of Character instead of Smooth talking Photographic Morons or in Browns case someone who happens to know and stroke the right people.

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"The least palatable option would be to suddenly tell senior citizens, 'I'm sorry, you are not going to get the Medicare that you expected.'"
But that is a job Ezekeil Emanuael is ready to do.

"We did it for a good cause, which was the expansion of coverage," said Palmer.
The road to Hell is paved with good intentions!

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