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547 weeks ago @ Breitbart.com - Digg slashes staff by ... · 0 replies · +29 points

The site has become unbearable due to its' boring and predictable lefty slant. Why go there when its the same old cr@p like propaganda.

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"We are not going back" Why not Pelosi unemployment was 4.8% before she took over Congress in 2006. She is a liar!

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Remember Sanchez when she had a so-called fake prayer town-hall meeting to silence her constituents from asking any questions. She is a sneaky woman who can't be trusted.

554 weeks ago @ Breitbart.tv - CA Senate Debate: Box... · 1 reply · +11 points

Man I wonder where Boxer scrounged up this liberal panel... from contorted facial expressions to snarky questions about the "weather"... this panel and Boxer still got their a$$es handed to them by Fiorina.

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Ewww... she p1sses like a race horse and then steps right into the mess.

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Obama and the Dems know that the only way to make theIr political nightmare go away is to lean on the developers to move the mosque. If that Mosque goes up now it will only serve as one huge reminder to vote ALL the dems out. REMBER IN NOVEMBER.

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Uh..uh..uh.. I just love the way the Dems talk down to the people as if these libs are all knowing... You Dems OWN this mosque controversy so keep on digging yourselves deeper and deeper. Can't wait until Pelosi stammers her incoherent response to this issue. C'mon Nancy get your crazy a$$ out here and tell us what you feel.

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Can't believe this woman gets paid to spout her mush. She talks about the "right thing to do"... why don't the Muslim's do the right thing and build their mosque from ground zero. What a lovely sight as the 20 story mosque minarets shadow over the worst attack on our country ever. Liberalism is a sickness where good is bad and bad is good. We are the terrorists for SPEAKING up... Norah and the whole left wing media are insane.

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If an employer decides to drop or go with Obamacare they can... thus Obama is a liar! So no matter how much you like your current care if the employer drops it, you lose. And many employers will be forced to drop there current plans. Remember... we won't like it until we are forced to take it thanks to Pelosi.

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The creepy stalker next store. Typical leftist... no shame.