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Do you propose profiling based on race then
Yes you idiot, what else would we profile with? shoe size?
And to drive a point home- profiling is used(successfully) every day,in every police agency, in all countries to catch criminals. Profiling is used by everyone who is alive or wants to stay alive, it's just insane to direct the TSA not to profile passengers. Without it you are just counting on luck, the terrorist has to get lucky once, and that's just a matter of time.

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People should be more concerned about the dome(sarcophagus) built over Chernobyl, it was built hastily and is in danger of collapse, there's a large amount of radiation inside waiting for that day... the radiation would be catastrophic for Europe.

On an interesting sidenote;
In Ukrainian language Chernobyl is the name of a grass, wormwood...
Wormwood is in the bible, book of the Revelations - lets just say it's not good what is described.

For anyone interested here's a link to a site where someone takes a tour of Chernobyl

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you must of made millions with your crystal ball, pray tell us

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hey ayn, your mama's calling - your chessy sammich with all the crust cut out is ready, and you forgot your helmet .
plus she needs to check if you go Bom-Bom in your pants like yesterday

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relax everyone, once the Obama Administration figures out they've been reading the chart upside down, things will be back to normal.

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What better way to celebrate success of the robot knocking of the well cap and spewing oil back to the administrations desired quantities.

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edlaw is a typical libtard, who dosn't know how to read an article written by libtard press.
cutting the deficit by 100 billion euros, with half coming from slashing spending and half from increasing revenues.
What part of this did you read higher taxes tard?
slashing spending? wrong - that means spending less
increase in revenue? wrong - that means business will expand creating more revenue

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dude, where's my job?

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Watch for this;
Global Cooling due to all the gas in the upper atmosphere.
the idea that CO2 causes Global Warming is just pure fantasy, the amount of CO2 is at the saturation point already - adding more will simply do nothing,there are not many left over photons at the right wavelength to grab.

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Detroit, the city that has been voted and toted as the most "liberal" for about 50 years running..
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you exhibit A in the case of Liberism, it's a disease