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EVERYONE should pay SOMETHING, regardless of the figure that is decided on as a minimum payment. Otherwise you don't care what the government decides, because it doesn't affect your pocketbook. Not only are almost half not paying, many are receiving money back that don't pay in one penny. That is welfare.

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I enjoyed "America the Beautiful" and Kelly Clarkson singing the National Anthem. We fast forwarded through Madonna. Have they ever considered a Country Western singer for the halftime entertainment? They probably wouldn't flash you or flip you off.

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EVERYONE has some type of addiction (thorn in the flesh) they have to control, it's just that some are more life controlling/consuming than others. Drugs, alcohol, you have over eaters, compulsive shoppers, hoarders, compulsive cleaners, compulsive exercisers. Jekyll & Hyde. They come in all forms and we ALL have some sort to deal with.

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I'm sure he got free trips or was paid to promote Mexico. I doubt he was saying it for free and O'Reilly should have asked him that question.

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We'll see what the MSM makes of this. When a Republican yelled "you lie" it what all the media, the left and Washington could talk about for weeks. (Of course they probably welcomed the diverson from their costly mistakes.)

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They couldn't make a trap big enough to hold them all.

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The Obama administration will bring "new order" after new order so that oil companies will be afraid to start drilling again. Obama is trying to run them off to other countries which will permanently destroy thousands of jobs and hurt the economy further which will destroy our country.

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You know the answer to that. First of all, Obama said you can't use the word "terrorist" anymore. That should be your first hint. It's all about money and power. Follow the money trail.

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Many liberals and democrats wouldn't vote conservative or republican if they were they only ones on the ticket. They may however stay home and not vote. Conversatives/republicans better get off their complacent rear ends and get to the voting booths and cast their votes. But IMO all the incumbents need to go. It's time for a total house cleaning.

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Can't they still?