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Hi ya just, how nice to hear from you! I gave up on this site because no one was ever here except trolls and arguments, it was so sad. I'm hopeful that this next year will be GREAT now that the evil bastard will be gone and the lying, evil hag didn't get in enough fraudulent votes to steal the election :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Well, my take and why I thought the article was important is that it showed Cruz could NOT have been a US citizen at birth since he was definitely a Canadian citizen at birth and Canada did not allow dual citizenship at that time. I agree with your definition and agree that all other talk should be moot since born on US soil of citizen parents should be enough but if we can prove other reasons that he isn't a Natural Born Citizen, all the better.

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Here's a good article you might want to feature titled "Proof that Ted Cruz did not become a US citizen at birth"

*snip* According to the Canadian Citizenship Act of 1946, also referred to as the "Act of 1947" because of its effective date, Canada did not allow dual citizenship....

*snip* It was not until the passage of the "Citizenship Act" effective on February 15, 1977 that the ability to hold dual citizenship was changed....

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I know this post is old now but thank you BR for having these videos of Bret Baier and Carl Cameron. I tweeted about them stating Cruz wasn't eligible and then was able to prove it by searching your site to find these still available. Then I tweeted the following so hopefully many will come see these videos:

@BretBaier @CarlCameronFOX U R BOTH on videos here stating @tedcruz is NOT eligible! U KNOW he isn't, y silent now?

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I said "of Cuban Dad" which was his 2nd strike and my definition of Natural Born Citizen is one who is born on US soil of citizen parents (plural) so I don't think there is a "quibble" here. I learned this definition way back in junior high school in the late 1960s, I just wish I could find the textbook because I know it's in there! It's not a difficult definition, I don't understand why so many have such trouble getting it unless they are really stupid or just refuse to accept the evidence and the truth *sigh*

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I doubt it will do any good but as soon as I saw his tweet, over 4 hours ago, I replied with this:

@SteveKingIA He's NOT ELIGIBLE! He's NOT a NaturalBornCitizen=born on US soil of citizen parents! 2 strikes, born in Canada of Cuban Dad!

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Dear your article, you posted twitter and facebook addies. You need to fix the twitter addy for Megyn Kelly, you repeated Katie's twitter addy there :)

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The video is posted here: The part I'm talking about starts at 2:05.

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I just tweeted the following, feel free to copy:

@Judgenap Today on @FoxNews u stated that kids born in US whose parents r illegals (anchor babies) r natural born citizens. THIS IS WRONG!

@Judgenap Natural Born Citizens=born on US soil of CITIZEN PARENTS! Anchor babies may be US citizens but they r NOT Natural Born Citizens!!

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Attention BR: Today at approximately 10:35 am EST on America's Newsroom, Bill Hemmer was interviewing Judge Napolitano about immigration policy and sending all illegals back, even babies born here. Napolitano stated that according to the Constitution, kids born here (anchor babies) are NATURAL BORN CITIZENS! I thought you might want to find it and post it along with his contact info. so we can bombard him with why his statement is WRONG! His twitter handle is @Judgenap if anyone wants to tweet him.