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Looking4Sanity, here is a link about th 65 lies Obama has said:

and since I am a retired army msg I really believe that Obama is against the military members who still want the constitution followed instead of his actions to destroy our freedom.

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Linda13, another action Obama is doing besides letting the illegals stay in America he has let their paying for college be more than 40% less than our actual American students and another action is planning on letting the UN remove our 2nd ammendment gun rights. and since he is not actually making the actual immigration law is maintained he is taking his action to grab the hispanic voters.

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Stang289, this appeares to me as another action to attack Americans who still believe in the constitutional rights of freedom and are against the political theves who are trying to destroy America. If the military officers actually believe in our constitutional rights then they should plan to create the civil war against anti american polititians.

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Chery, Since Obama was ellected with his comments of changing government and he has done a lot that many americans believe he is trying to destroy america and he is probably happy that the AAA credit rating is going down. and I believe that too many of the far left liberals are also pleased with his trying to destroy the constitution

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Justfolk, because I have a computer with removable hard drives I make sure that the hard drive I use to check sites like this has none of my email accounts on it so the tracking systems can not steal my email contact lists and start tracking also the contacts. A new Whitehouse website system is now gathering all of your contacts and gathering all of your website actions. I am now rebuilding my 15% flat tax proposition that lets us all keep 85% of the income we earn. I will send it to you this week also for your opinion. I am also sending it to my 2,387 TEAPO contacts and if the majority say yes then I am sending it to every conservative Republican and Mitt Romney.

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A spin and LIE from the Oreilly Factor, Foxand Friends First and the Fox and Friends this morning.
A comment was made about a Poll that was done and they said that 60% of Americans were voting for Obama. THIS IS A HUGE LIE SINCE ONLY 1,030 were polled. I have sent an email to the Fox Network, Oreilly factor and Fox and friends to tell them that their comment "60% of Americans" is a lie and spin since the poll was only with 1,030 people and that the 2010 census site has listed more than 427 million people from 20 to 60 years old that are of the age to be able to vote. I would also like to have all of you to also email the fox programs and to not spin and lie about polls.

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Justfolk, this action from Obamma will increase our debt again. His plan is going to raise the amount of funding to teachers and his action will be to borrow the money since there is not any from the congress to do this.

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Watching the Fox news this morning reported that Obama is planning to sign an executive order today to increase the African American education systems.
Increasing the school systems only for African Americans is another indication that he is a racist? His responsibility as the president is to support all Americans and not just the African Americans.

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Chery, another lady told me she believes that conservatives are right about keeping our constitutional freedoms and working to lower our government taxation and she said the Liberals want to increase taxation so they can get government jobs with larger pay than from small businesses and they are also against our constitutional rights.

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Griswold, it appears that Minnesota is a large area that illegals are at and the hispanics are supporting their illegal crime for being in the USA.

Griswold I firmly believe that you are a great american and you always provide great info.