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Thanks!! Yep, been busy. I have a Boy Scout, Cub Scout and a Girl Scout....and they all play sports, been running my arse off trying to keep up with them.

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Well Goob,....if it were me, I'd boot the people that are calling names. One person sounds like a communist propaganda pamphlet gone bad. Just my opinion

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I wish I could say that I was surprised, but I'm not.....disgusted? Yes, surprised? No. All the scandals that are coming out.....if you made a movie with all this crap, it would flop because nobody would believe it. It's like it's the culmination of bad '80's spy flicks and over the top action flicks, I keep expecting Bruce Willis to jump through the window yelling "yippie ki-yay!"

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Recalling them is only part of the battle, the other (and most important) part is replacing them with someone worth a crap. We recalled our governor Gray Davis and replaced him with Arnie....

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...and your "humble opinion" is spot on as well. I'm working on getting out of here....big problem is that I owe about $150k on my house than it's worth......We have more gun laws in committee right now than most states have on the books. They are forcing me out, just tough to leave the place that has been home your whole life. But they're trying to make it easy for me.

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Thanks, yea, I tend to bounce around a bit.

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The false assumption, IMHO, was that we would remain righteous people, The commies planned their takeover.(see the 45 goals you posted) and yes, it does matter. Non-righteous people will not govern themselves with morals (as a whole)

The founders DID warn us......we didn't listen because the commies are strong and don't need to win all now, they can get small victories along the way and get what they want, and by the time the masses figure out what happened, it's too late.


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There's 2 or 3 0f us in Kalifornia that AREN'T commies.....just sayin'.

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Agreed. People put up with it because they didn't know any better. We trusted our government. Foolish? Yes, especially now that I've been reading up on the founders and what they said and believed.

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During the Ruby Ridge and Waco stand offs, I took it at face value. These guys were nut job, anti-American Militia members....same with the Freemen.......in Montana? The video that I saw was shown to me by my younger brother, it really opened my eyes about Waco, then Ruby Ridge, etc.
Fast forward a few years, I don't watch mainstream media, and any other news I see, no matter the outlet, I take with a grain of salt and make my own decision on. I always question what they're not telling us.