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How about Harrisburg Pennsylvania! Here are some links to articles about Arrest that were made:

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I should have been a bit more clear. At about 9:00 Portland time, someone wearing a Military uniform (Possibly Army) was speaking & I couldn't listen - had to turn the speakers off.

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And someone in Uniform who clearly does not take his Oath seriously.......Turning on his own Country. :(

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Meanwhile, Citizen's livelihoods are being ripped away.... Mom & Pop shops, Businesses that have been handed down for generations, Father & Son Auto Shops....The list goes on, there are thousands upon thousands who have done NOTHING to cause their business to close - This Administration is guilty of so many things, so much destruction. And what do the Other Elected Officials do, Nothing as if We The People should wait and watch the destructive path of this Storm until November 2012. WHY WAIT? China is now able to buy & sell Real-estate on our soil! We should not allow this Administration to take more of us down.

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Grrrrrrr, it just gets better and better!! Came across some articles that just p'd me off. I sent them to Breitbart, hopefully some light will be shed on yet another insult by the 'chosen one' with our Tax dollars.

It's Another GD America by the Obama Administration...... It's Not United States of America - it's 'United States of Awesome Possibilities.' They are trying to attract tourist by featuring sites that insult America... AND, they have a $200Million budget to do this with!!

Here are three separate articles:

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First, it was HIS responsibility to prevent this from escalating in the first place. WHY give them time? If this is implemented, will the Others around the Nation follow the example.... Lastly, THIS Mayor needs to be VOTED OUT! He looks forward to working with Occutards in the Future?

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I'm sure there will be many attempts to empower "O" to be the bogus POTUS for many years to come. If the back doors don't work, come November 2012 - We The People will need to be stationed at every Polling center covering every nook & cranny. I'm sure many will agree that by hook or by crook, they will stop at nothing to garner 4 more years to finish their destructive agenda.

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This was one of the highlights of the debate. It would be nice to have a debate where the questions weren't coming from a box of tarts.

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If Cain pulls off wining the Nomination - would be nice if he'd tap Paul Ryan for VP... :) IDK, Gingrich sure was powerful tonight.
I'm definitely in agreement with the ones you omitted!! I'd like to hear them talk about the Islamic Threats and how they are going to close the revolving doors to them and the illegals.......

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Some, stupidity comes natural. The audacity, that someone would use a front entrance?
Not a loss, they are displaying their dysfunction daily. ;)