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planned all along by the usurper in chief and his allies.

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z, all homeless vets should get free barracks and mess hall and medical access at any US base. Period. stuff that up your nose obama. No military base shelter for illegals and that is a final decree from the people.

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we gots no policy, it is what obama is told to do and he does it and does not have to think at all. he can then go back to golf or nap or down low buddy. what a jerk he is. he is leading us to our own grave. and he thinks he is immune from the consequences. oh, what a fool he is there.

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So, who is our friend and who is our enemy, confusing as the lines blur. My Momma says let them just kill each other and then we have less to contend with. They have been fighting for centuries.
Myself says send in some AC-130 gunships and destroy the whole convoy on its way to Baghdad. Level them all. Thems that are still alive, level them also. No more bad guys until the next group rises from the ashes.

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As an American representing the 1st Congressional District of Michigan, I hereby declare our borders closed until further notice. I declare DOJ Atty Gen'l Holder in contempt of Congress and jailed until we have tine to take him to court for his deportation to GITMO. I declare Lora Lerner in contempt of Congress and sent to jail for life. I declare Hillary THE responsible party for Benghazi and held in jail for a hearing on murder. I declare Nancy Pelosi responsible for not properly vetting Obama and for this crime she is fired, sent home, with no pension nor health benefits nor secret service protection. I declare Obama no longer prez and sent back to Chicago with no protection, pension nor health benefits. May he rot for what he has done. That is all for my first day. Bow, smile, what is for lunch?

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yep, I will. thanks. if no dem nor rep, then all independents? If I were to run for congress, under what banner would I march? My recently deceased mother would say, be a Pedestrian. Sounds good to me.

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yep, not what we need. obama and holder and team sure are doing the USA wrong. get them illegals all outta here. we are broke and broken enough as we are and now diseases are showing up, zillions of children which we have to care for, strained resources in the southwest states. they are trying to break our backs. damn them DC bunch.

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so much is going on so fast that is is difficult to comprehend it all.
better to let a day or two go by with no news contact but then one misses the flow of events and putting the dots together. but then the dots often do not stick when some of the data coming in is distorted and rigged and parts intentionally missing.
time to tend the garden and take care of my own. cannot fix this crazy world.
it is going to be a beautiful day, complete with full moon, Friday the 13th and solar flares.

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I would think PR has enough of its own problems. Let Holder hold them for a while at his place. use his bathrooms and kitchens and hallways. then he can figure this all out if the congress gets a backbone and does its job.
there is so much that needs repair after this idiot in the WH gets his sorry arse kicked out the backdoor.

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ah, better American leadership back then. more influence, better respected. we have a crumb bum now who surrounds himself with even lower species.