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Just under a minute in and Burley has left the goal wide open, the defence is nowhere to be seen. Burley now calling "back it up, back it up", Griffin now clear and all he has to do is shoot... GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAL !!!!!

I have on several occasions written to my current Conservative MP, and her Conservative predecessor, asking them both to explain how Mr Cameron can continue to associate himself with UAF ? Warning them both that when the wider public, let alone clueless Tory voters, realise that the leader of the 'Conservative' party is, and has been for some time, a signed-up signatory to an extreme-left, extremely violent organisation, whose members regularly wave communist flags whilst attacking police and those whose opinions differ to theirs, there will be hell to pay.

My MPs never did reply..... Oh well, some people just won't be told.

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Just watched the broadcast on BBC1. That should rattle a few cages I think and maybe, just maybe, it could even wake the British Lion from it's slumber.

Remember, this is the land of hope and glory. Don't ever forget that.

God bless all British patriots. God bless you all, both now and throughout the long fight ahead.

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Pretty much spot on, both of them.

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''enrichers'', you know, those immigrants we can never do without, ''otherwise the economy would collapse''.

My God that riles me every time I hear it, without fail.
Although I don't what winds me up more, hearing it, hearing one of said enrichers spouting it, or knowing that millions upon millions of my own countrymen are pitiful enough to actually fall for it every time, without fail.

MikeBarnes hit the nail on square on the head though, "we are responsible as a society for this. They would have been chased down years back. Armed or otherwise".

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Only in England ! I mean who the hell comes up with these half-baked ideas ?
Surely this will leave even most Muzzies scratching their heads and wondering WTF ???

Behold the mighty Burka Barriers, aka Checkpoint Dhimmi.

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And be sure to give Margaret Hodge a few hits while you're there too.

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I see Mr Malik is currently coming in just above Gordon Braun at 20th in the 'Cromwell league' over on 'You've been Cromwelled'.
Why not nip over there and help him out with a few more hits ?

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I like it, I like it a lot !
Good to see some familiar names exercising their right of reply to set the records straight, right the wrongs and generally give the establishment hell.

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This is great news but should we really be shouting it from the rooftops ?
The other parties now have somewhat of a history of stealing our ideas, policies, slogans, logos etc. so I think we should be careful about how loud we blow our own trumpets.
Just an observation and my opinion.

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D-list celebrity ? Z-list bottom-feeding scum and crime against nature more like !

And so what if this abomination dislikes the BNP ? I'd be horrified to discover this creature and I shared the same political views.