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The English Democrats Police Commissioner candidate for South Yorkshire, David Allen, has finished in second place with 16% of the votes. The Tories came third with UKIP fourth and the Lib Dems last.

This is a truly fantastic result for our party which just goes to show the potential that we have in Yorkshire and throughout the country as a whole.

Here are the results in full:

South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner results

Shaun Wright Labour 74,615votes (51.35%)

David Allen English Democrats 22,608 (15.56%)

Nigel Bonson Conservative 21,075 votes (14.51 %)

Jonathan Arnott UKIP 16,773 votes (11.54%)

Rob Teal Liberal Democrat 10,223 votes (7.04%)

(The numbers of votes listed above refers to first preference votes).

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Merlin...Funny how so many ex BNP have joined UKIP despite being on the list but I guess being a "real nationalist" you wouldn't be aware of that. I'm glad to hear that "real nationalists" are already doing something which I "of all people are not privy to". I wish you luck with this top secret development and look forward to hearing about it's existence one day. All the best. Manx xxx

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Thanks for your reply Merlin. If 14,000 ex BNP members had infiltrated UKIP a year or 2 ago that would have scared the shit out of the establishment. As it is we are a laughing stock with petit childish squabbles being conducted from behind keyboards and there remains no nationalist organisation capable of competing with UKIP for votes or capable of destroying it .

What do you suggest "real nationalists" do in the next 2 months or so? Sit behind your keyboard? Wait for the new 2012 British version of Adolf? Continue to slag each other and everyone off and do nothing positive yourself?

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Sorry imp. You'll have to elaborate on that. Not sure what you mean?

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Thanks for your reply CC and sorry you found my comment "pathetic". I don't think any of the above named people are without their fallibilities as are all people but I would not waste too much time venting constant hatred and negativity towards people who broadly speaking have very similar concerns to myself. Griffin is the only one whom I believe has put his own interests and ego ahead of the interests of his people (and that has only become apparent to all since 2009) and even he is not without his good points. I save my hatred for the left and still try to use it sparingly.

Not sure why you felt I might be having a pop at Adolf and you obviously know very little about me. You might be surprised. I'll say no more on that for now but Hitler himself suggested to NSDAP members that instead of moaning to him about weak leadership of SA battalions that they take control themselves (rather than wait for him to give them control) thus demonstrating the strength on which he believed leadership to be built and justified.

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Thanks for your reply GA.

Do you not think that perhaps attacking pretty much everyone involved in one way or another with nationalist/ patriotic organisations in Britain might have a very counterproductive and demoralising effect on all nationalists?

Might it not be a better idea for us all (given the current splintering of nationalist groups) to support or at least tolerate all those with whom we share so many beliefs in common and save our venom for the left?

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So GA....Would a fair summary of your position on nationalist/ patriotic organisations and people in Britain as of Tuesday 16th October be as follows:

You hate or depise or both;

The BNP,Nick Griffin, Simon Darby, Andrew Brons, Andrew Moffat, the EDL, Stephen Lennon, Kevin Carroll, British Freedom Party, Simon Bennett, Paul Weston, Peter Mullins, Peter Stafford, Britain First, Jim Dowson, The English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook, Eddy Butler, Chris Beverley, Wales BNP, Rodger Philips, and the majority of people who used to comment on your website, etc etc etc etc.

You like:
Adolf Hitler and The Corsham Crusader?

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Each to their own Jim and as I've said there is more than one way to skin a cat. Nationalists and not least our so called leaders and 'key people' have given a pretty pathetic account of themselves for the past few years. Instead of bitching about each other people should accept that whilst there are differences in approaches and beliefs the bottom line is that we are up against it and our energy should be focused on building whichever faction we belong to not running down others. The negativity, hatred, slander and insults amongst and between nationalists and people who share relatively similar positions to ourselves disgusts me.

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My reservations about you Jim are more to do with the fact that like Griffin and others, you have attempted to recruit for your organisation by launching personal attacks against for example Stephen Lennon. I find it very off putting when nationalists launch personal attacks against people with the intention of undermining rival organisations in the hope of recruiting to their own. This has been a feature of virtually all involved in the recent splits and serves only our enemies. As far as I'm concerned, everyone from the British People's Party to UKIP is a friend of mine and the insults and slander serves none of us but Searchlight. A shame I think that more people and this website do not take the same attitude.

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I'm busy so apologies for a brief response. Thank you to BA for your thoughts and an interesting debate. I'm sure there is much more that we could and may both add.

And I'd like to apologise to Jim. I'm sure you are aware Jim that there is a general suspicion attached to your motives simply because you are a business man as well as a nationalist. I have no reason to question the sincerity of your motives as I do not know you personally and so have only internet gossip to go on which amounts to nothing.