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What rights would a Brit have in his county? The answer is .. NONE.

The Liberal Left supporters have no idea what is happening to the footings of of our country.

Any N.I. card holder from a common wealth country has the right to vote here. We must put a stop to this asap.

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When ever a party mentions immigration, it only gets attacked. True debate has been lost in this country.

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Well said T.

It's a shame that so called nationalists cannot support the people doing the work, but hey, Mrs Woodward told a couple of secrets that must be kept quiet.

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Video footage of the day has been taken and will be published soon. A great day by all and a fighting day for nationalism.

Missed you and CC though.... We thought you were going to attend.

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If you really want to see the footage from last time, all you need is ask.

It will quash alot of rumours if I upload it.

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Wales Camera team will be there Monday for a flying visit.

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Great Article.T

The powers that be, are already bigging UKIP up in Wales, which is to be expected. Under PR voting, I am sure that UKIP will be allowed to gain enough votes to sit in the assembly.

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"pathetic excuse for leaving the British National Party but by attacking his former comrades also"

This is what you have been doing for months. Mick has actually done more than sit in front of a PC, bitching about nationalists. He actually stood for council, spends time on the streets, stands as a PPC etc etc etc.

The moment he questions what is going on around him, you attack him. You are losing good friends GA.

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Nice write up SM and the sound system was only possible to get with help from the friends of the green arrow.

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Excellent article.