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Should we not use this tool sparingly? As for every pro BNP post. there will be several reds counter posting!

In the end it might prove good, so that people can see our sidewikis and then see the drivel that the UAF spew out.

Perhaps we should co-ordinate and 'steam' target anti-BNP articles with our own propaganda ???

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.....And I thought that Dame Kelly Holmes was a New Labourite!

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Perhaps the tide is turning as local news rags start to identify the ethnicity of these violent thugs?

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This is worse than the 'Severn Trent' scam because they dont even have to come to you until you invite them...

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Nice one Baz...

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It's a pleasure and an honour to have both Mrs J and political Mizz comenting on this blog...

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The Nu-Labour are truly a vile and evil party. Blue-Labour are equally so, as Cameron still refuses to admonish the actions of his uaf oafs.

Regarding the EU/NWO:

How could anyone want wide-scale immigration unless they were of the same ilk as the immigrants?

This leads on to the plethora of conspiracy theories that both the NWO and the Illuminati are a select group of Muslim/Arabic Kings or Sheiks whose agenda is the formation of a global caliphate and the forced implementation of sharia across the whole world.

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the words 'Chicken' and 'Shit' and 'Chicken Shit' spring to mind, as worthy as any 'Sloe Black' Dylan Thomas pun in this 'Slow black' enriched land where we live....

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From a retail background myself the system of stock turnover (the minimum stock required) is always governed by the time between supply, so for a store with a twice weekly delivery, the ultimate end desire is to hold 3-4 days stock to turnover. This may be further governed by pack size (which can vary from an 'outer' containing between 6 and 48 units). In the 'old' days staff would use stock and order sheets to calculate order thresholds, which meant that extra stock was held to account for time taken to manually count stock and then order, normally by post or stock carrier. Modem and computer ordering started in the mid 1970s, but the systems' change over was gradual and limited to large super retailers due to high cost of technology. EPoS (electonic point of sale) became the ultimate 'stock book' as it gave a 80 to 99% accurate stock usage. The figure will never be 100% accurate, due to shrinkage from shoplifters, suppliers and dishonest employees, and is in some companies as low as 60%. Safeway often said that of their 15% shrinkage only 2% was from shoplifting, the other 13% being through the 'backdoor'.

With larger outlets now receiving 2 or 3 lorry loads of stock per day, we see now how ultra-efficient they are at stock & order replenishment.

If a minor catastrophe or minor 'book launch' can cause a shop shortage, we must take Mrs J's article seriously, as the prospect of civil unrest is on the horizon...

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...and upset their chance of a CBE or Knighthood from their political 'Masters'?